Book Relationship

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reading-a-book holding-hands

Reading a book is similar to many a relationship. Initially your drawn to each if not for the look then what is in-between the covers. There are moments you feel a special connection where you’re totally focused on what is occurring right there and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else,  yet there are also painful times when you need to separate out of boredom or a “what the hell” moment .  You might want to start a new but if you can hold on to the end it might be brought back  to that initial love.  Or at least I hope it will. For a good book will stay with you long past the last page and even if you don’t get that far at least you had the memories.

Vets 1 – Hampshire College 0

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veterans-day-4 hampshire-college-vets


American Veteran’s showed the liberal elite at New Hampshire College who really is in charge as they proudly waved our American flag. A flag that the “Snowflakes” who attend this college found offensive but which individuals fought and died for their right to be able to say so.  For without those brave veteran’s standing behind this flag and what it represents those at this college might have been indoctrinated in the belief’s of the state or face severe penalties or death.  Our country has and will continue to make mistakes but with what has occurred and continues to occur in the world it still is the land of the free and brave therefore let us wave the flag even at Hampshire College.


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We may not get the tights and cape (the tights I could do without but the cape) but when all else fails “Super Dad” must come to the rescue. When friends have failed to pick or drop off at any hour somehow Super Dad must be able to stay awake to save the day.  If tutors and teachers somehow miss their cue Super Dad must go back into his school years to solve the equation. We may not be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound but when it counts who knows what we will be called to do.  ….. Dad I missed the bus.

Poweball winner & ME

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I want to tell my new good friend in Tennessee that sharing is wonderful thing especially if you have the numbers 17,19,21,37,44,16 in last nights Power Ball results.  Of course it all depends who you share with if it’s your typical family and friends well you can expect a “normal reaction” but if it were with a total stranger in NY that could be quite exciting (especially for me).  Not only would sharing these winning with a NY who happens to write this blog piece be different for you but shocking as well since you really have no idea how I might spend this generous gift.  Yes there might be a few thousand more worthy places you can donate some of your winnings too but none that would be more surprising then to me and isn’t that the spirit of the lottery itself.  Never knowing who will win or who they will share it with (added the 2nd part)

I’m Sorry….

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I’m sorry for not thinking about your feelings for the words I said were I guess a bit insensitive and I should have…


Oh it wasn’t what I said but how I said it well I guess I should have been more sensitive too…


Oh it wasn’t what I actually said or even the way I said it that bothered you it was the silence afterwards then I guess I should have….


Okay now I get it I’m sorry that you’re an F Snowflake that can’t handle anything in life and cry’s crocodile tears over absolutely nothing and that I even said I was sorry in the first place!… I guess I have to start from the beginning again.

Preventable Deaths- PLEASE READ & SHARE

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I was unaware of the tragic and untimely injury and  deaths of many  young people due to un-anchored furniture until a fatality occurred to  a good friend of mine. I will be working to help through political means to try and pass some type of legislation to help prevent such accidents from occurring in the future (warnings on furniture, child safety instruction for those expecting, anchor kits near furniture etc) but until that occurs please share this information with parents of young children (below) and G-D willing we might prevent a horrible tragedy from occurring today.

[youtube_sc url=””]

Anchor it and save life’s

Please read & share



The proof is in the … LEAVES

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leaves-1 leaves-3

For those that claim G-D is a neat freak,  I counter this argument with my evidence scattered among us, especially if you leave in the northeast.  G-D could have decided after the colors changed that is time for them to leave but instead they stay until they are old and brown. I understand a leaf is biodegradable but so is an old rotten Apple core and how many of us  would find it beautiful to see them on our lawn or in our house. Therefore we can determine by nature that G-D enjoys a little mess once in awhile (or even once a year) as long as we clean up afterwards or leave it to rot away for a better outcome.

Your a Miracle

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It’s a dream come true and truly a miracle not only for your parents that you’re here with  but the world as a whole. For your great, great, great ….grandparents had to meet at the exact moment to get this ball rolling into the hoop of life. There might have been some love at first sights, or bumps in the night that lead us down this path.  There also might have been pain and misery of your ancestors (holocaust, slavery, deportation etc)  which was an essential step for this needle to be thread with you at then end.  For if everything was perfect they might have met someone else and right now we could be looking at a pink hat or no hat at all.  Of course the whole pregnancy phase itself is incredible but the true miracle is how you came to be here with us now and the life’s that were changed to get you to this place.

Knew his NAME

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What makes a man is the image he leaves when he enters and leaves a room and Norman Schlissel had such an image.  He was the true life “Norm” that we all remember from Cheers shows but with a whole much more compassion. Everybody who met him knew his name not just because of his warm and friendly attitude but the way he’d open his hand to help those in need before they truly asked.  Personally I only was fortunate to know Mr. Schlissel for the last few years of his life but it was easy to see how those who knew him much longer felt as he was present with him.  Although he leaves us for a better place (G-D willing) may his love and kindness stay with those he touched for many generations to come and in that may he still be in our rooms however distant it might appear to be. RIP Norman Schlissel.

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