Cruz & Fiorina – It’s a beautiful thing

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Cruz Fiorina

Some will say it’s a Hail Mary pass but even if you consider it such you can’t say that move isn’t the most exciting in a game yet I believe the move is simply  brilliant.  Not only did Ted Cruz change the narrative from Tuesday’s poor performance but put in place the one person who has got Donald Trump to change his tune. Carly Fiorina is a smart, accomplished, articulate Conservative who happens to be a woman. She has the rags to riches story that so many American’s aspire to and has gone through hell and hot water (Cancer, loss of a child, firing etc) and still come out on top.  Ted Cruz -Carly Fiorina ticket might just the ump in the news cycle to have Mr. Cruz beat Trump in Indiana and change the projector in the race.  If G-D forbid it doesn’t work at least he through the pass to go as far as he could go.

FURTHER NOTE- I would suggest adding a few cabinet posts along the week (see previous posts) to keep Donald Trump out of the media spotlight until next week.

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