True Football Competition- Schofferhofer Grapefruit vs Kuka Banana Nut Brown Ale

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schofferhofer banana nut

It’s the start of another football season so I thought it would be the perfect time for some beer competition. On the one hand we have the delicate swift taste of Schofferhofer Grapefruit that leaves the competition looking back vs Kuka’s strong powerful taste of Banana Nut. One beer is held as a  local favorite Kuka is bottled and brewed in NY while Schoffferhofer has it’s roots in Germany.  The competition is fierce because the refreshing flavor of the Grapefruit beer is a polar opposite of the rich dark banana flavor but in the end Kuka takes it by a safety as the deep flavor suddenly breaks through.

KuKa Banana Nut Brown Ale- 50    Schofferhofer Grapefruit 48-

Next Week Kuka Banana Nut takes on  Rubaeus Rasberry Ale


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I’m truly confused when it comes to fashion. Yes I understand that white isn’t to be worn in the Winter or was that the Spring? It’s just I don’t understand how some clothes  are in and the next year they’re out. More importantly if I wear the out clothes am I out or can I still be in for the future (maybe they’ll come back). Who decides what is fashionable and do they have an opening because I’d like to bring back those mini-skirts? Hey it’s just my fashion bug hitting me or something else. Here’s a list (below) of some of the NY Fashion week. Yes I know I’m late but at least I’m still in the right year.    WHAT DO YOU LIKE AND WHY? 

Click to see NY Fashion week

Style… phone

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I’m never been a person keen on the fashion sense as you can tell by my wardrobe. I even sometimes have been know to wear white in the winter well maybe it’s almond.  Yet with cell phones I think I might be trying to be come let’s say “chic”.  I say Chic because I’m not really sure I need or truly will use all the new features but would love to still have the latest model. It’s funny because I remember the day when all I wanted was a cell phone that made calls and received it boy have times changed.