Double Trade

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This isn’t working out like it was supposed so instead of one of us moving on maybe both should make the trade. I know you’ve been sorta seeing that neighbor across the street that has an extra garage well maybe I should see his better half as well.  This way when the deal is made will both be in a better position happier and even a bit wealthier.

Beet Juice?

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 VLAD- It’s just beet juice.

SAMARA-  Yet, it seems a bitter thick and has a metallic taste honey.

VLAD-  It’s because this beet juice is truly organic coming right from the source. Take  some more it will taste better over time.

SAMARA –  I mean I heard beet juice is good for your heart and…

VLAD –  Yes, this juice will keep you going for many a lifetime.

SAMARA-  What!!

VLAD-   Um, I mean it’s good for you. Giving you a bit more energy.

SAMARA-  Yeah, I guess it is especially after that painful hickey you gave me last night.

VLAD-    Just playful. My love.

SAMARA-  I am feeling better but why are my teeth getting sharper?

VLAD-   Don’t worry about that. I am so happy you’re feeling more alive and after our vows now we can spend eternity together.

SAMARA-   Death due us part.

VLAD-  Let’s hope many

I’m Sorry

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I’m sorry! It must not be easy thinking that those who have loved you can suddenly become your worst enemy. How difficult it must be to see the world in cloudy glasses that pick up every microscopic error in others and blow it up so that’s  all you can see. I can’t comprehend the pain of having repetitive negative thoughts continue to stop you from seeing the bright path that you truly are on.  Yet what is most sad is I’m sorry are two words to difficult for you to embrace. Not understanding ones own faults must blind you to a world that can truly never get better and I’m sorry that is the land you currently stand on. Isolated, confused and angry I’m sorry that this is the place your ship has landed. G-D willing this will not be your final destination.

Senior Investment Club

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The “Senior Investment Club”  will be for those who are not planning to retire but pass on their knowledge and investment dollars to a whole new generation.  As a business, the “Senior Investment Club” will always seek to make a profit not only in dollars but in wonderful relationships one develops when being in the excitement of a business.    The “Senior Investment Club” is for those who want to live way past their years.

More Monies

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I thought I could stop but the paper continues to suck me in! I have enough for my family and even friends but the fear of losing it all continues to push my slots.  Yet my desire for continued wealth creates wealth for others as well as jobs and let’s face even some f-u-n. Maybe I’m trading some good zen time for Hot Chip company yet the desire for relaxation will have to wait till the other desire is fulfilled which just might be never.  When is it enough I don’t know but I know my clock is ticking and when it stops so will this desire to make M-O-R-E.

FOOTNOTE-  Should a person settle for what they have or seek ways to continue to gainmore? If the answer is too gain more than at what cost?

Turtle Testimonial *E*

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On behalf of all my shell friends I just want to say I’m truly sorry.  Honestly, it was only a few turtles that had their heads in the sand that destroyed your enjoyment. Most of us knew that eating plastic straws was not something worthy of one’s diet but a few just kept eating, what morons!  This is almost as stupid as the two-legged inventor of the paper straw. Even we with shell brains know that paper and liquids really don’t mix.  Therefore return to plastic and enjoy your drinking on us.  For, as our tough shells prove it we’ve been around longer than the existence of any straw and plan to keep slowly moving along way past any straw movement.

Breaking The Pact

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Marianne Williamson & Robert F Kennedy should team up to stop Joe Biden from getting the Democratic nomination in a way that’s never occurred in a Presidential campaign before. They should agree that if either one of them is elected to be the Democratic Presidential Candidate the other would automatically be the Vice President. This way the Democratic Voters will have a solid alternate to the fumbling Commander in Chief. They should also agree not to attack each other only the one who can’t find the entrance to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Democratic voters need an alternate in 2024 these changes would enable them to get it.


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I know it’s not Y-O-U.  For, a mother knows when a son has AI writing their text messages. Yes, you’re busy but is a simple text really so hard that another brain has to write it for you?  How do I know well let’s just say your punctation and grammar is far from this brain.  When I’m gone I’m sure you’ll replace me with some AI but until then a simple text can do even with someone as busy as Y-O-U.

FOOTNOTE-  AI might be scary but their images are so cool I had to add a few.

Car Discrimination

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Your car can not part here!  That is what I was told when I tried to enter the garage that I booked. Was it my cars fault it was born a Tesla? Does the parking attendant feel that just because my car is born with some innate traits that it will act a certain way or that those who associate with it will be “more difficult”. Why the hatred! Can’t we be judged by our own character not the car we drive?  Oh, it’s because their insurance company discriminates against all Tesla’s and their car owners.

I’m Insane So What! * E*

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How do you know that you're not insane?

I’m insane so what!!! While you have to deal with your reality mine is constantly changing.  My mind is full of many voices so I’m never truly alone how about Y-O-U?  Your job is consistently doing the same thing over and over again while I’m basically saving the universe. Sometimes people in the “real world” can laugh or hide from me but at least they fear not to bother me.  I’ve dated every major celebrity while you’re still searching on Cupid. Your reality is here while mine is in this insane mind and sometimes after seeing you it’s not a bad place to be.

FOOTNOTE-  Mental illness needs to be treated yet understanding why it’s not can help open our eyes to find ways to help those who don’t realize it.