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Don’t Know

I honestly don’t know why the Corona Virus is still spreading. It is true that I’ve had many an assumption but see them falling by the waistline. Putting 2 + 2 together in this equation comes out to be 3 not 4.  Even with this confusion here are some thoughts that appear to be adding up (see below). PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN THOUGHTS & COMMENTS as well.

(1) Social Distancing is a good thing. Let’s face it other viruses may not spread as quickly if we put this into our common practice.

(2) Mask Wearing In Close Proximity – Logic again dictates that if we could filter out the bad before we inhale it could prevent many a sickness.

(3) Washing Hands and Items- Listen why not it can’t hurt to be a little more clean but just a little.

(4) Your Strength- If you have a strong immune system as well as no serious preconditions and add proper nutrition (vitamins, healthy food) with decent sleep you probably won’t be hit hard with this illness. We also will probably notice certain blood types DNA makeups may not be impacted by this evil virus.

(5) Wind Blowing- When the “invisible enemy” is in the air those that are predisposed to it will probably become infected. Yet I believe it doesn’t stay in one place for-ever and G-D willing it will dissipate before we know it. I’m thinking 8/4/20 but that one is just a thought that I have.


I will not speak up because it’s safer to be quiet. Yes, you might say you want my thoughts or advise but do you really want a differing opinion? Yet even if I do agree will you agree with me or believe I’m being sarcastic or not empathetic enough.  Who knows maybe you ate the wrong food, have a chemical imbalance or you’re already upset about something else in your life and just want my words to project your own anger on someone else ME.  Anyway my point is probably stupid or you heard it before. It is safer to be quiet and keep my thoughts to myself even if they could truly help me and possible even you.

Long Sleeve Short

It will be the one shirt designed for all different weather or air condition settings. LONG SLEEVE SHIRT will have the buttons just at the right spot to make the conversion as easy as turning the  A/C down.  This shirt will look just right no matter when such a conversion needs to occur and with such ease it will never fall out of fashion. LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, for one never knows how the weather/ac will drift so it’s time to have clothes ready for action

FOOTNOTE-  Does this exist already if so let me know where I can by it?