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Political Investment

I figuratively and millions and millions of my fellow citizen from this country and around the world do this (picture above and below)  as we “invest in a political campaign”. While we buy material objects we enjoy and services that help us function we burn our $$’s in our political system. Yes, if our candidate wins there might be a payoff in terms of our taxes, infrastructure we’re on and/or general life conditions but let’s face it this occurs usually years later if we’re lucky. Years that could get us a return on our investment a whole lot quicker and with a better return if it went into a real market instead. Yet we continue to make this poor investment because in the end the money might get burned or thrown down a sink yet many of us are not investing in our good but the country’s we love. We hope and pray this investment pays off not just for us but for those who live here with us as well.  This is quite ironic because those same people we invest for can often use their own $’s to invest in the opposite direction. Ow well I guess that is the marketplace…of ideas. Not a great return in profits but hopefully wealth and love for others.


Theseus Divorce Court

   DEFENSE ATTORNEY THESEUS-  My Client owes this woman nothing for she is not his wife!  Yes, technically papers were signed 20 years ago but this person who inhabitants body of the body of Mrs Klein has none of the characteristics of the original person he married.  Not only have her parts changed from many a face lift to dying of her hair, to the added metal hip replacement but mentally she is entirely a different person. Anne Marie Klein was a person who was full of adventure, smiles and hopes now can anyone honestly tell me this is the woman we see in this courtroom? Even if one is to say for better or worse that doesn’t mean a brand new replacement does it?  Therefore My client owes this person who possesses this document nothing because she is not the same person who signed this document in the 1st place.

FOOTNOTE- Can you see and feel this philosophical argument?