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Why G-D Why

Why G-D why in your great mercy did you allow so many to suffer and die? I know that a storm has to occur so we can appreciate the sun but this appears more like a Tsunami in which the sun still is in the dark. It is also true that sometimes great evil must occur for a stronger more powerful good to be born although I still wish there was an alternate to Israel’s birth.  Looking back before this Corona-Virus occurred everything in the world seemed to be moving in the right direction our economy was booming with few left behind and peace was spreading like wildflower. In fact it seemed so perfect that I wonder if we might have forgot who put the seeds for this to be born? I also wonder if we took for granted those 1st Responder’s who were still there to save life’s and those who worked the blue collars that helped make our country and the world run. Furthermore did we take for granted our loved ones and those we should like more?  Although these points don’t satisfy my pain or those that are suffering I wonder if this could be a piece in your puzzle?


Today no animal is required. Yet in those days people took their most precious commodity and would sacrifice directly to G-D to obtain forgiveness, become closer or just to say thank you. Sacrifice today usually comes in the form of charity but when things are going real well is it such? Don’t get me wrong any charity giving is a wonderful blessing for those that receive but also for those that give yet when times are a bit tough then the sacrifice cuts through.  That is why when my 401 looks more like a 1 that I’ve decided to make a bigger role in helping those in need.  It hurts more in way but I believe it helps more as well.  Sacrifice’s are difficult but the rewards they give could light up this world and the one beyond.