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Holocaust Or Slavery-Which is Worse

Slavery was a vile time in our history but to compare it to the Holocaust as one radio show did takes it a bit too far. Here are several reasons I take such a strong stance.

  1. LIFE- A slave owner treated their slave with contempt but not to the point of trying to eliminate them from this earth. For they considered them an important an expensive piece of the property while the holocaust was all about eliminating a race.
  2. GOVERNMENT- The government might have permitted and even supported slavery but didn’t force it on all the people of any area vs the holocaust which was looking to insure the state destroyed entire groups of people.
  3. CRUELTY- This is a tough one because slavery was especially cruel and in many ways sadistic. Yet those in the holocaust were treated worse then the lowest animal could be treated. For they were  to be eliminated of any honor before their evil attempt to erase them from this earth.
  4. ESCAPE- In most cases escape was futile for someone in the holocaust as those who would consider such support could easily be eliminated as well, while there was a whole underground campaign that helped many a slave escape.

Big Debate- Tonight- The 3 Hits


This could be better then Ali VS Frazier or even Hollyfield Vs Tyson with both ears attached (well if Biden doesn’t have an ear piece).  Yet the keys to victory in this match will result in these 3 hits to the opponent and how they counter such punches.  DO YOU AGREE OR WOULD YOU ADD ANOTHER JAB TO EACH SIDE.


  1. Hunter Biden and government for sale to the “family” Corruption 2.0
  2.  Ties to Green New Deal- especially cancelling fracking and energy independence
  3. 47 years of just words
  4. Campaign paying for Rioters to get out of jail



  1. Down playing Corona Virus when you said to Bob Woodward that it was a dangerous threat
  2. Personal Taxes – Paying nothing while middle class paid your bill
  3. Rallies- Where people were put in imminent danger for not enforcing masks
  4. Name calling is it dignified for the highest office.

FOOTNOTE- I hope I was a fair moderator on such points although my political leaning are definitely to one side vs the other or please don’t give these suggestion to Joe Biden.

FOOTNOTE- On this front it appears to be a tie as they both didn’t get point 4 across fully.

Sorry – Show Off Tonight

I’m sorry but “Covid” has decided that the show won’t go on tonight.  The Live debate Me & Me will be rescheduled G-D willing for another date when Covid decides to go on vacation.  Please note nobody as of now in our team is ill and G-D willing that will stay the case.  It’s just we would rather be safe then sorry in the times that we live. So please stay tuned and thank you again for your support.

Art Outside

For art to be “real” it must know no boundaries. In the past that would often “offend” people on my side but today those limits lean to the left. Where one’s are “cancelled” or just plainly “removed” for going off their marks.  Art needs to be free and although it’s main purpose shouldn’t be  to often if it is part of the whole picture then so be it.  Art is an image that one see’s in their head and when censors from either side stamp their approval on it the colors die as well as the art.