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Love Dogs

Dogs why do we love YOU!  Here are just a few that come to my mind even at 6:15 AM please feel free to add to your list.

(1) BUDDY- Dogs are your buddy. No matter where you go what you wear or even what you say their always by your side.

(2) DIRECT-  Our four legged friends have no hidden agenda unlike their 2 legged counter parts.

(3) HAPPY W SCRAPS-  Your pocket could have less then a dollar in it as long as you had a scrap in the other they would stay by your side or in other words shopping not required.

(4) TAIL- That tail intrigues us and tells us their true feelings.

(5) POLITICALLY INCORRECT-  We love that they can get away with all the things that would get us in trouble today from licking someone’s face without asking to sniffing each other’s butts. Not saying we’d want to do this but at least someone can get away with it.


Just Birthday

It’s Birthday not really happy or sad just birthday. Yes, this special day is sadden by Corona and the new resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, plus some other personal issues but I’m still alive, feeling healthy and getting together for probably a piece of cake and a Margarita or 2. So who knows before it’s over I might just add Happy in front after all.