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Passion Killing

Murder is murder except when it is for a higher purpose….right?  In a time where the courts won’t act for justice should one take the law in their hands? Phineas did in biblical times as the bible says he took two lives on behalf of G-D. This is one of the most difficult stories for us to understand today in our times where justice is determined by law and order, with a juror of our peers deciding our fate but if it broke down could this be our final verdict? Would we have Phineas’s in our life taking vengeance for the sins we commit not only against man but against G-D?  Let us pray that this story continues to be read and not lived in our times. For if it did who would be left  standing in each other’s blood.

Not About Trump or Biden

This election is not about Biden or Trump but freedom. Freedom to be the individual you want to be so you can soar to your own greatness. Imagine the vote where government intrudes into your dreams with the chains of regulations and restrictions so that you can barely lift up your own arms and make simple choices. This election you will choose whether you want to have choice for the education of your children or be mandated to one that fits all.  Your vote will decide whether you have the right to say what you want without the P.C police taking you and your words down forever.  This election could be the vote that decides whether one party rule will control your life for many, many elections to come. Even the basic right to protect yourself and your loved one’s could be in permanent jeopardy by the vote you take on November 3rd.  Every election they say this is the most important election of your lifetime this time it just might be for those who truly want to be free.

FOOTNOTE- Where do you think I want you to cast your vote and why?

2:44 AM Not A Dream

It was all a dream but it was real?  I just beat my alarm clock as I was getting ready for work and was just about to go outside when I saw it was not my time….literally.  How did I confuse 2:44 AM with my normal wake up time and get ready as such?  Where did the time actually go ….backwards? I decided it was time for a nap and put my clothes aside to prove this actually occurred. When I awoke the next day the prove was hanging in front of me time didn’t go backwards just my mind did.

Restoring My Brain

I’m thinking about going back way back to one of my original concepts which helped me escape a  reality I was living. For in my youth I had coordination issues which caused me to dribble but it wasn’t a ball. These coordination led me to picked left out when it came to choosing a team to the point of conceding defeat before the game was even started. Yet before you feel sorry for my past these difficult times allowed me to develop the characters & story for “Kool & The Gang”.  I hope to restore this story not only to my brain but to a screen near you …G-D willing coming soon.