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Yes, we love you but we also want to possess you. His tail might be closer to your head but mine is closer to your heart so right now it’s technically a tie. Of course once you roll over or my comrade decides to go for that bone that I conveniently left down the blanket I can sneak in for the kill or at least the top spot. The dueling occurs every night one you put your head down to the pillow for not are you a loved one but the territory we deem to possess.

One Finger… A continuing story

An estate sale for an incredible deal on a Lowboy lead me to the finger of such.  It was that smell that kept permuating that led me to this awful discovery! One draw that probably should have remained closed might lead to other body parts as well. The  owner of this furniture has long gone what was I to do? Report it to the police then I and my loved one’s would be the prime suspect of the cutting and who wants to go through the pain (sorry the pun) especially now a days. The police could make you say anything under deep cross examination “no” I couldn’t do that. A matter of fact who could I tell that wouldn’t report it or maybe even be a suspect? What if a loved one had committed this crime would I be turning them in? Yet disposing of this body part appears cruel as well. What should I do? What should I do?


FOOTNOTE- Tell me where you want this story to go? Please not in the garbage pail (lol). 

Last Meal 4:30 PM ish

Tonight could be my last meal (skip the Lobster) and in a sense I will make it so. For tonight is the start of Yom Kippur where those of the faith will fast for 24 or so hours as I plea to G-D for forgiveness of our sins and who truly knows whether this plea will be answered?  Everyday we eat meals never knowing  when our last bite will actually occur.  With Yom Kippur on the horizon we pray that it will be many more to come not just for us but for everyone who is chewing. G-D willing our sacrifice will be heard in the heaven’s above and allow us to eat together in health, happiness, love and peace in the year to come.

Ratchet- Art VS Bland

Ratchet starts out with vivid colors but then ends in bland.  The landscape and colors draw you in with fine performances along the way but then the liberal hounds bring it back to predictable Netflix PC. A story about those in the mental health industry from all angles comes together with just one political correct look.   Some moments were so intense that you kept watching past blah but now I’m afraid blah has taken over before the final episode. I’ve spent so much time watching this series that I might take a peak to the final episode or realize that it made me feel like a tool after all.