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Fake Better Then Real?

It’s getting to the point that the fake is better then the real? Violife proofs this with it’s delicious “Just Like Cream Cheese” which has the flavor that makes you feel as if you having the real thing without any of the consequences of taking that scoop. With a world that appears to be so fake especially when it comes to the news why not do the same with your cream cheese especially when it taste this good. Violife “Just Like Cream Cheese” finally something that is good and fake.

Streaming YOUR Censorship

Streaming allows you to be your own censor whenever you want. If you find a scene has to much gratuitous sex or violence then fast forward to the next scene instead. Maybe the politics of the moment leans way against your view then watch a scene that ignores such blatant propaganda.  Streaming services not only offers you a multitude of entertainment options but allows you to watch them as you see fit even as they tilt it in a way you didn’t select.