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The talents are not well known and won’t be anytime soon because I’m afraid to tell anyone. I know I should walk out of my “safe zone” and challenge myself to speak up about the abilities I’ve attained but it seems so scary. For rejection is more hurtful then I can imagine so I hide as opportunities pass me like the wind but I’m protected at least from my fear.  The truth is I could obtain the position and it could fail which would have me hiding deeper in this spiral so I’ll look from a distance and say “I could have done and it would have better” over and over again.

FOOTNOTE– Write a different ending by letting the world know your talents. For trying is winning even if you don’t get the prize.

Too Insane To Comment

Maybe the comments by these two “Democratic Presidential Contenders” was just too insane that the media couldn’t comment about it.  I honestly didn’t believe my ears when I heard it at  the CNN Democratic Love Fest…oh I mean debate and I had to check the news to make sure I was still sane. For these two candidates proposed legalizing Heroin or simply put the death drug.  Yet what was more clinical is none of their Democratic rivals or the media challenged this dangerous proposal which would have the government sanction more addictions and deaths.  The truth is maybe they threw this  proposal out to get some traction as their campaigns are sinking in mud faster then quick sand.  In the end it was as if two untreated individuals with mental health issues were speaking and they were basically ignored as their campaigns for the Presidency appear to be.

It’s My Time

I’ve never had better job opportunities then I have today and I owe it all to the “Me Too Movement”. For let’s face it I don’t have the look that anyone’s going to be tempted to sexual harass. Of course I have the talent but I also have the look for today’s culture which allows me to be my natural self day in and day out.  There was a time when beauty paid but now days let’s just say it pays a whole lot less.   Cheerleaders are now singing the blues while we of “modest looks” have something to truly cheer about.

Cynicism + Corny VS Fun

There are 3 lenses we put on everyday life  one is FUN while the others are cynicism and corny.  We either see “things” in a fun way and celebrate life or see things in a deeper darker angle. Don’t get me wrong fun can be observed while digging but it takes a better & stronger attitude when some worms suddenly appear.  They might be inconsistencies with the fun we are supposed to be enjoying or a corny moment that leaves us wondering should we really be enjoying this moment?  Therefore it’s important to dig deep but make sure you are looking up as you do so for life is to short not to have fun even with some cynicism and corny moments on the side.