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Slavery Bible What????

As a person who abhors slavery in all it’s forms and yet one who actively practices the faith of Judaism (in his individual way) why does the holiest book write about slaves and slavery? For just a few pages before G-D was freeing us from slavery shouldn’t this practice be abhorrent for everyone. My wise Talmudic brothers give an explanation that defies slavery in the indentured servant way for those who have committed a crime. Well if we take that analysis then an individual who commits a crime doesn’t have a prison door slammed in their face for years but must instead work to pay off their debt to their victim. If that is the case then would it be better then the one we are currently living instead where victims receive some compensation and not just retribution.  Sometimes the words we think we are hearing have a whole different sound when heard from a wise person many, many years ago.


It was as if I was all alone but other heart beats could be heard. For I came with a crash to the ground yet I was the only one to hear or feel it.  I had fallen in the garage a place seldom seen by my family especially in the mist of the night. Would this heart beat fade away before a soul even noticed I was gone? Waiting in the light where everything  else was dark I wondered if this would turn into my final resting place.  The light of a tunnel pulled me in one direction as the  bark of a dog and distant footsteps pulled me another.  This bang would turn out not to be my last as this time my rescue came in time.

FOOTNOTE- Maybe “Life Alert” should be for those who take distant travels even in their house.


The truth is I’m generally responsible for my house, immense tasks at my business, my family and even where and how I drive but usually I look away from this mirror and “just do it”. Yet last night the mirror came smashing through and pointed right in my direction.  For I was given the opportunity to nominate an individual who was seeking a congressional seat that moments earlier had their reputation  destroyed/come out in front of an entire audience. I honestly didn’t know what was actually said but knew what I had said just moments before so I nominated him. I told the audience the truth which was I just found about these accusations and have no access to their veracity but have met this individual previously and have access to the other positive information which I shared. I also mentioned that I don’t like individuals being blacklisted so I had to stand up for this individual in-between the truth where-ever it might lie. In the end the nomination didn’t go his way and I don’t know which way the truth went as well.