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1/20/21- Hope Diversity

As my political party leave’s the keys of powers to the Donkey hope survives with diversity. For I pray that their diversity allows many of the goals to be watered down a bit or even the most extreme stopped. Yes, socialist run free in this party but also those that are liberal just on social issues, those that identify with this party because of family or ethnicity and those that believe it’s the “in thing” to do.  What unites them is their hate of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and when he leaves office on said date let the battles within begin. Diversity may just be the key to insure that we Elephants won’t be moping on the sidelines for too long.


Would we hear if the locust were at our door? If our minds were bent on our glory could we see the doom that it was leading us too instead? It seems obvious today that Pharaoh should have seen, heard or at least felt the plagues to change course but I wonder how many would have to hit us before we actually set ourselves free? It’s important to keep our eye’s on our steering wheel but always remember to look at G-D’s signs before it’s too late to turn around.