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Black & Brown?

Are the politicians color blind for there is plentiful different tones of one’s skin rather then brown or black?

  Would they instead just try to keep us simple minded by utilizing the two colors to describe individuals with different tones as well as different life experiences. By lumping people into categories these politicians feel they can group people together so they will vote as one for them instead of do as their individual brilliance points them to.  Be proud of who you are as an individual and vote with your conscious and not by the group a politician can only see you as.

Women Weak? !

Where did the image of a “weak woman” come from and is that image something that should be deleted from our gallery? We know men have not with-hold the pain/strength of child bearing so where does this weakness “stigma” come from. Women can truly do anything a man well except where different body parts come in function and usually have times in the month that make it much more difficult then their counterparts.  Weakness might have come from the concept of a woman’s tenderness as she takes cares of her babies no matter what the age. A woman’s tender heart might appear to be weak for some but it is the glue that holds many a man together after a difficult time in their life’s. “Woman’s “weakness” when looked in this perspective is something us men should try to take our own selfie of a bit more.

Both Great!!!

How about we’re both great? Does one of us actually have to be great and one not?  Why can’t you be great at what you do and I do the same on my end? It’s as if our life’s are on a continual seesaw where one moves one way the other has to move the other. Personally I don’t mind this comparison as long as you say I’m up on area’s that your down on a vice versa.  You’re great and so am where, when and how we can determine later I !

Hat Of The Month Club

If you’re like me 100 hats just won’t due and with the “Hat Of The Month Club” you can be assured your collection will grow at least for the 29 days in between. Each month a new hat will sent directly to your house based on your basic desires (colors, teams, casual, formal etc) which you can choose to wear for the month and return or purchase it for a huge discount from it’s retail price. Hat of the month Club it’s time your head was in fashion as well.

FOOTNOTE– Would you wear this club?