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The Switch

When it appears way to dark it’s time to turn the switch. You are in an argument that continues to bring you further down but by lifting the switch with the combatant it’s surprising how light can suddenly be seen again.  Bring up a totally different topic, compliment them on an irrelevant point or just say good something for there usually is a morning, noon or night.   I know how difficult this is when you’re standing on the polar opposite emotion yet turning a switch can bring a new magnetism that at least will keep the knife’s in the pocket (figuratively …. I hope). Turn the switch it’s worth the cost in sanity and happiness.

Leadership is Exhausting & Lonely

While others might complain that you became the leader they don’t stop to think how lonely and exhausting the journey to the top can be. For leaders have visions that they crawl, scrape and bleed to become reality. In the end it doesn’t matter who does the tasks to get there as long as it is accomplished and usually it requires more then a few of their hands to get there.  Leaders also get stabbed in the front and the back if anything doesn’t go according to plan and a quick diversion is needed to reach the goal. So in the end why take this exhausting and lonely journey? I guess because a leader needs to see the vision through because they see the light up ahead where others only see clouds.

Who Me?

Today I added a new chapter in “Who Me”.  For I was invited along with a handful of extremely talented individuals to help coordinate the largest gathering of conservatives in the country for the 2020 CPAC convention. How did I get this invite is behind my comprehension as well as some others I’ve listed (below). For I’m just still the same guy that I’ve been seeing in the mirror for all these years only others have seen something more then I guess I’ve been looking at.

(1) An all expense paid trip by the Tea Party Patriots so I can become a greater spokesperson for their cause.  I truly mean all expense including airfare, accommodations, food etc which cost me nearly 0.00 )

(2)  Elected as President of The Men’s Club for my Shul as soon as I became a member

(3) Selected among many to be a debater against the world renown Oxford Union at Bryant University

(4) One of a select few who received  a personal greeting from the White House during the High Jewish Holidays

(5) Received accommodations from my community as one of the Jewish Leaders of the year.



Movement Power

I’d like to explore a philosophical discussion with you that suggest maybe money, fame, fortune isn’t the prime motivation in today’s world but movement. For the ability to someone to suddenly pack up and go whether it’s a new position or just to get out of their routine might be the motivation for many especially as the years weigh on.  Now don’t get me wrong, this could be the exotic travels to a far away that motivate some to get to work but it also can be a trip to that special restaurant down the street, that nobody else in your “tribe” has visited yet.  Movement could also be that extra step up a mountain or one swimming across the lake.  Movement motivation is this the real reason you work past 9 to 5 ?