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It’s your fault and I continue to suffer.  For even if I had a mouth you would miss it like your own. How many times do I have to put up with this why can’t it be someone else. I don’t want to be your favorite anymore.  Your mistakes continue to have me tumble out of control. Please pick someone else this week I’ve been through enough.


FOOTNOTE-G-D willing soon to be a video? 

Bonnie- Death Due Us Part

People often wonder how I got tide up with a guy like Clyde maybe because I actually believe in the marriage vow “death due us apart”. For while you marry that “good husband” I know that we are bad together.  The truth is we both know too much and we really can’t work without being side by side.  Being on the run means we can’t run away from each other even during some of the most difficult battles. There is no escaping the life we lead without a bullet to one of our heads.  Marriage security might not be long in our line of work but it’s only because our life’s are not that long although they will always remain true to our last heart beat.


I just want to say that I’m sorry for any acts or words that I said inadvertently or even in some mischievous way that caused you pain. As the Day Of Atonement draws near I ask for your forgiveness not just for my sake but any loved one’s or one’s I just like who could be impacted by your forgiveness or lack thereof. They say there are 6 degrees of separation between you and another individual but when it comes to forgiveness it’s probably closer to 10.  I in turn will forgive those who have wronged me with ill intent or inadvertently not by forgetting those words or acts but asking that G-D not fully punish those who ask for their mercy in some way or by some act.  Let this day of atonement live up to those words and in this new year may G-D grant us a  year with much more happiness, health and greater love for each other.

Debating Myself

This Tuesday at 6 PM ish I could be creating a whole different image as I debate myself. Well actually not myself but a character from the other side who see’s things entirely different. One side of me will attempt to take Joe Biden’s supporters position while the other will be the President supporters. As anyone who knows me will attest to this might be my greatest acting performance of my life.   It will truly be the “Great Debate” before the actual Great Debate and you can see hopefully LIVE.   So here’s looking at you kid let the great debate begin.