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50 States Of Fright

I might have found my perfect 30-minute escape into horror! “50 States Of Fright” is a Roku special series that will keep me subscribed to this service at least until I get through 49. Yes, some states of horror are scarier than others but the creative terror that this series has put through has me scared to cross any bored. Well, maybe not totally frightened although “Iowa” was truly intense but enough to keep my mind seeing terror across the land and that isn’t even with the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (that’s more a joke anyway) . 50 States Of Fright good old fashion fear is now my nationwide escape.

****  Worth your viewing travel.


Tisha B’av- A Different Path

The path I’ve decided to take on “Tish B’Av” is one a bit different from those who are more “traditional”. First of all, this was a Jewish Holiday I never knew existed until my later years so any step in traditional observation is one my feet have never walked.  Tish B’Av commemorates the destruction of “The Holy Temple” and other terrible events throughout  Jewish history that appear to have started on this date.  Traditional Jewish people will go to Shul and fast during this day as best that I know. This holiday is not mentioned in the “Torah” so observation is based on the “rabbi’s/teachers” interruption and not biblical written.  I don’t believe G-D would want us to add a whole new chapter so I won’t walk on the exact path my traditional brothers do.  My steps in observation probably just get my feet wet as I will not eat my favorite food “Chocolate” during observation and try to follow some more of the customs along this path. According to those that are more traditional my path might not be smooth but at least I’m walking in solidarity with them.


Many have asked with all the toxicity why am I still “here”? I guess this is the spot I’m most “needed” even though the words don’t match my actions. I could decide to walk away and maybe someday I will but then will anyone “need me” again or will I be wearing the “needy” shoes instead”?   Having the knowledge and will to complete these tasks makes me “essential” in ways that ensure I’m not invisible at least in my mind.  So, I guess I’ll just stay right “here”!  Even though it might not be the best place at least I know where I stand.