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Useless Study

I’m all for education if only the information would actually be obtained and be found to be useful a year or maybe two afterward. Yes, I understand knowledge even if it is later discovered to be incorrect can help build on new information gathered but maybe one can skip a page or even a book. Every day we pick up facts that are either proven wrong or absorbed from neuron who falls asleep with it. How many books has one read that now draw only a blank page? Therefore it’s not only important to learn new facts but find a way to absorb them in your real-world before they disappear forever.  Here are a few ways (below) knowledge really could be power.

(1) Teach someone and some else those facts. The more one teaches the less likely those facts will disappear from one’s brain.

(2) Put facts into action by a simulation of what is written or even acting them out in somehow.

(3) Write about what you’ve absorbed in your own words and leave it in a place that you will actually read later. Maybe that screenplay you were dying to write.


Cricket Anyone???

After MLB baseball decided to completely politicize the game I think the only sport I’ll be watching soon is Cricket. Sports instead of being fun for everyone is becoming only fun for those who are asses well at least their party is. MLB took it a step even further than other sports by moving the All-Star game because they didn’t agree with the elected officials passing legislation that has been around in many other states they play at. On top of that, the same voter I.D is used basically at every game they play whether it’s to purchase tickets or buy beer at the game. The MLB ruling has given the game 3 outs for this season of my life. Add that to the list of politics in sports and can anyone find me the Cricket channel after all?

Your Vote Made Me Richer

Your vote has helped me buy this little summer estate. Higher taxes only belong to the suckers who stay in the states while my jobs have been moved overseas and my $$’s into many a tax shelters. Inflation caused by higher regulations increased salaries so much that my factories in China are in overdrive. The overdrive in government spending has increased not only inflation but interest rates and I’m reaping in profits lending out to those who will pay any rate to touch my monies.  I’ve used the green new deal to put more green in my pocket with solar cars that only drive my bank account way up and the government’s way down. It’s possible I might keep a few jobs in the U.S. for the boost in undocumented workers can help me keep some costs down even if nothing is reported. So thank you for your vote Joe Biden has made me a whole lot richer and that’s what matters the most too me.

FOOTNOTE- It’s ironic how the tables of politics have changed where the really wealthy love the donkey.