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Stolen Thought, Note????

I didn’t consciously take it but unconsciously it just might be so. For how did that idea/note get in my head anyway was it playing in someone else’s when I thought I wasn’t listening? Doesn’t my song suddenly sound like one I hear coming from my radio or is it just in my head?  I thought my idea was original yet with 7.8 billion and counting can I honestly think this is so?  should I not write for fear of plagiarism years later? No, I’m innocent I tell you at least consciously.

Bi-Polar Relationship

Let’s face it we have a bi-polar relationship and it must drive our loved one’s crazy. For when you’re up I’m usually way down and when my waves are splashing your’s don’t exist. Maybe in someways it’s good for it can keep the ship running even if one of us wants to jump out yet it’s also exhausting. For sometimes you want to share in your moments not have them drag you in the opposite direction.  Let’s hope someday we can find a balance that’s right in the middle of happiness.