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A,B,C maybe D

When giving someone a decision make sure the choices always allow you to win. This can be achieved by A,B,C maybe D where no matter they choose to do you’re along for the ride. Keeping it simple stupid allows “other to decide” in an orderly way that doesn’t go way off the tangent. Many times when a decision is as vast as the ocean one can drown before they know which way to go but east, west, north and south help them keep focused on the journey instead.  It allows you to formulate the answers that will work but still allows them to make the key decisions that impact their own future.  A,B,C maybe D the answer to many a daunting problem today, tomorrow or next week.

President Trump literally saved my life!   I know I shouldn’t get political but if it wasn’t for the President I wouldn’t be here with you today. My life was within inches and then suddenly out of the blue I received a pardon that brought me back to life. So know matter what your political views I ask you to thank the President while you eat the rest of my family.

Money Jump W

Silhouette of human hand with open palm praying to god at sunset background

I love to have one too many drinks but have not made a habit out of it.  Many a day I think of walking out of work 1/2 day earlier and never come back but somehow manage to pull through to the finish line. Gambling is a habit I might do once in a year if that at all. Drugs have never been taken accept those prescribed by a doctor. That extra woman in my life has not been sought.

Before you get me wrong it’s not that I don’t have desires for the illicit steps it’s just that I rather keep the green in my pocket and something left over for my soul.  I know that drinking, gambling and drugs are habits that lower your cash flow very quickly. It also is quite evident that an extra love life will not be good for the life of your finances. Walking out of business might feel good for the moment but that can fade leading you into a life at a one star motel instead.  Yes, it’s also true a feel an obligation to my loved one’s and those I work with but I can imagine that all these temptations might not  be enough to hold me back but there is one investment that keeps me grounded. For much deeper then any financial despair these acts would take from me is the hole it would put into my soul and the bond with the true source of a wealth the love of G-D.