Biden Derangement Syndrome

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I’m not fully “committed” but I have a bout “BDS”. For, at this point I can’t look at the current occupant in the White House without laughing or crying no matter what he does.  I honestly cringe when he is put on the screen and unless it’s one of his comedy routines (see below) I must switch the channel even to a Golf match. Even if “The President cured “Cancer” (already claimed he did) I still couldn’t deal with this man in the White House. Now I fully understand how those on the other side with this “sickness” felt yet mine is based on the falls (literally and figuratively) especially with policies while there’s is a based on the personality of the man.

Y-O-U – A Horror Story** M**

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How do you know that you're not insane?

It wasn’t my fault it was Y-O-U!  For, your odor consumed my every breathe until it wasn’t even a choice.  I thought peace would come my way but your smell came back to haunt me when I least expected it do even though you were six feet under. Getting worse and worse until my choice was to exhume your body or suffer in this eternal hell.  Which led me to this world where I wasn’t consumed with your smell. Many might say I’m suffering in these white walls but nothing compared to the smell you had put me through.

FOOTNOTE-  With respect to Edgar Allan Poe

Chef/Manager Wanted

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Chef/Manager wanted for take over of a current bar/restaurant.  This individual would receive not only receive a salary but participate in the profits thereof. They must be an expert in making vegan type meals that taste like meat without any mooing along.  They will not only participant in developing the culinary art but the art this location has going forward.

Bud Rebel Chocolate

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Purpose-  To develop and market a Chocolate worthy of the name and image.

Main Ingredients-  1. Criollo Bean or similar strain that has the nut flavor of said bean in 78 % or 80 % Cocoa.  2.  A surprise berry flavor in the middle (Rasberry, Blueberry, Acai Berry etc) 3. A speck of Dead Sea Salt

Packaging – 1. In small bite size morsels that come in a protective unique cover 2. With a positive Talmudic type message for the world 3. Possible a plastic banned bag.

Marketing- Initially through the more traditional tight Jewish Community and expanding outwards.

Timetable 1. Find Chocolatier  who can make this product from scratch to packaging  (by late September ) and put a number for such production.  2. Put together a Marketing Team that can introduce the product to the community at large (early October). Timetable will be adjusted based on conditions on the ground. 


Back Mirror**E** **M**

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Suddenly, my back mirror got dark, very dark. Yet, what was I supposed to do but try and get away before what I was seeing could envelop me.  It was behind comprehension to witness this and still feel totally incapable of helping in any real way. I kept glancing back until what I saw in back was in right of front of my path and there was no way I could stop. All I could do is pray that the person in front will do more then I had done for those left further behind.


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I walk this lonely path as those around M-E suddenly walk away. My confidence has fallen to six grade level as the clouds appear to be closing in on all sides. Those that have given up lie in a shadow as I do for fear takes over from all sides. Yet as I close my eyes to this world I see a vision past it. For G-D walks with me even as others believe I walk alone and someday we truly will overcome.

Thought Crime In Reality

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How did you steal my words at the exact time I was going to say them? Where did my words somehow come out of your mouth? The truth is your truth is not correct but somehow you said them before the honest mouth and now we live in a lie. My ultimate fear is not only can you read my mind but control the story that is suddenly told.


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We cheered as our political opponent was lead away with handcuffs. Here was the man who caused us so much trauma just by being himself and soon him and his kind would never take a foot on Pennsylvania Avenue again. Nobody really understand the criminal offense as such but it didn’t matter at the time for we got him. If our court system could prosecute him than surely there is a case. Now the shackles are in my own mirror and they  are the one’s clapping. Too bad I just discovered justice gets hidden with hate.

Divorce Moment

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You don’t need to fight just have a “divorce moment”. This is a moment where no papers are signed but your mind is a way from your partner. The truth is moments like these allow one to reflect on taking care of their own mental health so they can be more effective when walking in others. These are not moments of unfaithfulness just a moment to be within your own space.   Divorce moments for even though one has the ring they don’t have to look at it 24/7

Remember M-E !!

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As the 1st Republican Presidential Debate is about to begin all the candidates in the room want their moment to be remembered as do we even if it’s on a smaller stage. Yet is it that one zinger that stands out in our conversations or is just the timing that truly matters. I believe it’s a bit of both. Yes, you have to give them something in-between that keeps them listening but if you don’t have a good start and/or a flat end that one line can sink like the Titanic.  We all want to be remembered so grab them at the beginning and know when and how to say goodbye and your being will be in the room way after the microphone drops.

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