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Covid Questions????- TODAY

As we hear about spikes in new cases around the question I just want an answer to some basic questions in the following order. If you have the answer to these questions please provide them to me.

(1) Has hospitalizations gone up in these areas?

(2) If so what is the cause of the increase actually cases of Covid or the return of other treatments/select surgeries in the hospital?

(3) At the same time if their is in an increase in hospitalization of those with Covid is it the prime cause or a 2nd cause after the initial diagnosis of heart ailment, kidney failure, Cancer, etc?

(4) How much does a hospital receive in additional funding if the diagnosis the treatment of Covid VS other ailments?

(5) Finally has the mortality rate of Covid increased during this time period?

Why Bud Rebel

Why listen to me?  There are so many incredible voices out there why should you listen to this one. I believe here are a few reasons you might want to keep reading and listening (youtube page)

(1) AUTHENTIC-   At this point in my life I’m just going to be who I am and take the good, bad and silly with me.

(2) ENTERTAINING- I believe in between my serious side you have a write to be entertained and sometimes I even get bored of my serious side.

(3) EXPERIENCES-   The truth is my life has had some different ups and down then others you might read for even if they’ve gone through them they may not write or speak about them.

(4) BUD-  Although I have some very strong position and will state them it won’t be through fear or intimidation. Real smiles win in the end.

(5) REBEL- Boxes bother me so I work hard to get myself to think outside a circle instead.

(6) QUICK-  You never know when so I’m always running until then.

(7) FAITHFUL- I am far from a perfect person but strive to be better and closer to G-D as I move along the path that comes my way.


Office Building Slump

Let’s face it with the Pandemic these seats will be empty for a whole lot longer.  That is why office space needs a major conversation. This would be a conversation based on the common economic principal of supply and demand. Here are a few ways those with office space can make it through the difficult times ahead.

(1) APARTMENTS- Transfer office space into apartments with lower costs to the consumer then is currently in the market-place.

(2) STORAGE-  Allow major portions of your office space to be converted into storage facilities whether it be for government emergencies needs or private sector demands.

(3) DAY RENTAL- If the space isn’t renting for a month maybe one day at a time will do the trick.

(4) B&B/Hotels- These office buildings usually have great views.

(5) HOMELESS/DRUG REHABILITATION CENTERS- If all else fails communities need a place to house those individuals left behind.