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Deep State- Too True

DEEP FFF-  I thought our tracks were covered then how did they get Hunters Briefcase and

DARK CLOUD- They were it….

DEEP FFF- Really they were the whole deal with Iran has gone up in smoke with the FBI weren’t they supposed to be on the take as well?

SOULLESS- We couldn’t get to the Director in time.  Maybe it’s time to find a goal post for him.

DEEP FFF- It’s too late for that. I don’t get it we have the media from old to new and….

SOULLESS- Their are a few not within our roots Tucker Carlson, The New York Post and….

DARK CLOUD- F’N cancel them already!

DEEP FFF- We tried that many a time from putting pressure on advertisers to organize boycotts. It’s too late for this show.

SOULLESS- Even the fly on Pence didn’t blow up as far as we wanted nobody held onto the devil angle.

DARK CLOUD- I told you that Bulls**t was a waste of our time and $$’s

SOULLESS- We have to do something there aren’t enough dead people on the roles to change the vote and there aren’t enough garbage can’s to dispose of mail in T votes in time.

DEEP FFF- Riots could help but we need some event to make them blow out of preposition for Antifa and BLM to burn it down for us.

SOULLESS- I don’t we have enough time to make that happen.

DARK CLOUD- At this point all we can do is pray.

SOULLESS- Pray that we don’t get caught.

Good Dog Morning

I want to wish you all a “Good Dog Morning” where you are ready to go right away!!!  Yes, may you get that extra cup of dog morning caffeine in your body as you race to get everything done with a big bright smile along the way.   Good Dog Morning to you and your loved one’s but please refrain from the licks.