Leader Hate

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If you want to be a true leader you will be hated. For one position you take will anger another whether it’s for a logical reason or because the other fears losing power. Hate is the reason many will pass the baton of power to another instead while they complain who is in charge.   There are “leaders” we can hate but one wonders if that hate has caused great leadership to just walk away instead.

FOOTNOTE– The President is one who has the ability to stand up even as he hated down.


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My generation is the most important because we are saving the “world”!   Yes, your generation might have fought for actual civil rights for this group or that group that we could all see but my group is fighting the “invisible world” to save the planet.  We are like the “Avengers ” without the costumes but still living it that world. No, I haven’t studied all the facts from different points of view for mine is right! If you don’t believe me ask my daddy and mommy they said I was right.  They paid for my trip around the world in our special plane that they say magical doesn’t have a carbon footprint. 10 years and counting that’s all we have left I hope we make it before our beach house is complete.  We need something to fight for anyway …. even if it’s from Kryptonite.  Yes, that’s real too.

FOOTNOTE-Greta Thunberg is just the poster young woman for the awful fairy tale being told to our children.

Green Or Dead

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We are all better off now that “The Green New Deal 2.o” has passed. It’s not that we feel it well a bit in our bellies since we can only eat what we find in the woods. Commercial farming is bad for the environment and with the banned list of every chemical except H2O there is really no room for any farming.  What you didn’t hear that housing was taken out of the equation because it was bad for the “future generation”?  That generation appears to be getting smaller though as I guess promoted sterilization really does work.  Cave’s are good for environment but maybe not be good for me and my family since they are a bit cold and damp yet they say their passing will help generate more trees  but I still miss them. Well at least the environment is great … for the few that remain.

How Much Plastic

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How much plastic do you want with your coffee?  Let’s face it putting hot coffee in a plastic cup must cause something other then coffee and milk to melt in.  You can wait till your coffee gets a little cooler but who wants cold coffee anyway? It’s either ice cold or boiling hot and when you have to run to work your only question how much plastic do you want with that coffee?

Impeachment-Can of Holes

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi impeachment inquiry has opened up a can for holes that I’m not sure the country can ever recover from. Here is a list that will need mending.

(1) FOREIGN POLICY- How can any foreign power have a frank conversation with our Commander in Chief if they know their private words will be leaked and/or forced out?

(2) CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS- Has the constitutional authority to conduct foreign policy been violated where 535 (435 from the House and 100 from the Senate) are now in “charge” instead of the duly elected President?

(3) IMPEACHMENT- Have we re-written the Constitution where only acts of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” are punishable by impeachment and been replaced by we just don’t like the individual and we’ll attempt to find some made up crime later?

(4) WAR-  Will foreign leaders that privately seek peace will have to make statements of war because they fear these discussions are not secret anymore?

Smell Keyboard

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I can take the time to smell a rose any time today but how many times to you get smell a keyboard? For that is why my subconscious  told me to leave the computer which runs at some what modern times at work because life goes to fast to not smell a keyboard. My writing is running at a snail’s pace but at least this plastic keyboard has an aroma I never got to smelled before “annoyed”.   Now that I smelled my keyboard can I please smell something else life “efficiency” instead?

Smell Test- NOT FAIR

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I’m the one you turn to when you’re not sure if it’s fresh or gross and I’m sick and tired of it!  Why does it always have to be the smell test especially when I don’t get to smell enough roses or chocolate? You could ignore me and go right to the taste test and if it doesn’t work out at least you have a tooth brush to clean up the mess while I’m stuck with that lingering smell instead.  Well at least winter’s coming along and maybe a little cold will put a stop to the smell test for  now.



Rambo Last Blood

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Let’s face it this wasn’t the best in the series but for those who love Rambo they will truly enjoy this film as well. Which means any critic who doesn’t give it a positive review is judging this art based on their own criteria not the potential audience members. Was the acting and dialogue brilliant probably not but for those who want action, revenge and blood on the screen there is no topping this film.  There also is a poignant story about the harm the sex slave does to the innocent and for that reason alone this film deserves a 2nd look. Maybe the politically incorrect message was the real reason the critics panned this film  and maybe the Democrats and the Lame Media will continue to try to impeach the President?  If you see a similar pattern then ignore the critics and see Rambo Last Blood for the legacy.

Cancer Curry

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I was told that Tumeric (found in many forms of Curry) can prevent Cancer yet many of the people I know who ingest this spice on a regular basis have come down with the C word.  I understand that this isn’t a scientific study and many other health/environmental factors must be taken into account yet this one ironic fact keeps popping up.  These individuals are well often Indian Americans so at least that factor can be ignored.  Could a good ingredient to prevent Cancer actual cause it if ingested in a large quantity over-time or are there forms of Tumeric that don’t more then good I don’t know but it’s something worth exploring at least in my world?

FOOTNOTE- I utilized Curry in the headline of this post because it is more known then Turmeric directly and also because it had a better ring to it as well.

Cry Impeachment

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Once upon a time there were these Democrats and lame media that would cry “Impeachment, Impeachment” whenever the President would do anything.  The towns folk would run and look all around but as this occurred over and over again less folks even got out of their beds. Eventually a new President took over who committed many high crimes and misdemeanors but the people didn’t even go out and look. Maybe that was the point because he was a Democrat.