Sukkot & Real Strength

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Sukkot & Real Strength

Many of us believe that we gain our strength by working out in the gym or by a strong foundation such as a brick house but on Sukkot we learn where real strength is.  On this holiday we’re commanded to dwell in this flimsy building called a Sukkot with an open ceiling to boot. The strength that we rely on to keep this weak building  (similar to the first Pig in “The 3 Little Pigs”) afloat comes from G-D all around us. For at this moment of dwelling we should notice how our lives call fall apart in an instant just like the Sukkot that we’re dwelling in.  We might get a great work out at the gym and feel strong but without G-D’s help in making our heart pump it can suddenly fall down. Real Strength comes from a relationship with G-D and an understanding that those walls we are given are as strong as we allow that relationship to be.

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