Business Boycott

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Business Boycott

There are companies that take stances, fund organizations and  support policies that we might find abhorrent but should a boycott be utilized to voice our disdain? If we boycott a whole company we not only hurt the CEO and board who take such a stance but the hundreds if not thousands of workers and their subsidiaries that might vehemently disagree with that position.  At the same point a boycott might just work and we have shut another door to free speech even if it’s speech we disagree with. If the boycott doesn’t work we end up hurting ourselves by denying us of the products and services we desire.  It is also fair to note  that the CEO or Board member (s) might still go about and support those organizations we disagree with but keep it secret instead of in the open.  The truth is a boycott might have to be the avenue we take if the practice passes our red line but here are some other ways (below) you can make sure your voice is heard and still enjoy the products and/or services.

(1) INVEST- Put your monies where your mouth is and invest in companies that share your general philosophy. You not only will support your core belief’s but make some money along the way.

(2) COMPETE- Purchase items from a company that produces similar items and shares your philosophy without an actual boycott. If such a company doesn’t exist work with others to form such a company and G-D willing  make some monies along the way.

(3) GET INVOLVED- Become a shareholder of the company that has taken these objectionable positions and make sure your voice is heard with others at the shareholder meetings.


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