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Ben Roethlisberger- Knee Injury-Hurts many

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ben roethlisberger knee injury

Ben Roethlisberger knee injury during yesterday’s game against the St Louis Rams left many others in pain.  The pain of knowing that your team will not have the great leadership that Mr. Roethlisberger brings to the game, the pain of knowing your fantasy football team is missing a key player and the pain of watching a great athlete hurt for at least 4-6 weeks was something that many witnessed in real time. While he is actually feeling the physical pain that must kill those who are his fans witness the emotional pain of losing his talents for several weeks. Imagine if in our own life’s our injuries were treated as if we were  Mr. Roethlisberger, those pains would lesson as we felt the kinship of many  and our recovery to our field would be quickened. G-D willing Mr. Roethlisberger will have a speedy recovery as do those that names aren’t as familiar.

Blood Moon- Dripping

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Blood Moon 2 blood moon

As I looked at the “Blood Moon” with my eye’s, mind & soul I saw our life’s dripping away. For everything we worked for was about to change. The house & car would not be secure in this new world as our very existence would be in question. There was no where to hide and no weapon that would protect us from the sound of galloping all around us.


Famous with one vs famous with many

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Cheering Crowds Albert Einstein

If you had to chose between receiving the attention of many “average fans” or one “genius supporter” which one would you chose?   This might appear to be a snobbish question but sometimes that choice must be made. An artist can decide to paint for the masses or paint for a few brilliant minds that would understand the true meaning and then pass it on to the masses.  Political theory can be formulated to get the red meat out or deal realistically and thoughtfully with the world we are in.  It is not that the masses are dumb it’s just that they may not have the time in their busy life’s to view or listen to the depth of what is truly being said.   Those that seek fame may have to decide which path they seek to travel for the one with the masses also will carry the most wealth  (at least initially) while the path to intellectual fame will have your work last way after you have taken out of the paths.   If you are truly smart then there will be a way to insure your fame can be heard at different levels such as a Bugs Bunny Cartoon yet if you had to chose which way would you go?

Natural… Poisons

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Marijuana leaf great white shark

Recently I spoke to a friend of mine that tried to convince me that Marijuana was good for you because it is natural and my response is Shark.  I wouldn’t put Marijuana in my lungs just like I wouldn’t go swimming with a natural Shark.   The “natural argument” has gone to far as can be seen with the sharks teeth many natural items will hurt or kill you whether it’s that poison mushroom or Blow fish you might digest, while many man/woman made items keep us alive whether it be that Pacemaker or Cancer fighting drugs.  We can’t therefore say natural good man made bad because this is too simplistic.  What man/woman  combines come from the same G-D given earth we belong on with the same G-D given hands and brains that devise such compounds therefore in the end although it might not be as pure as the “natural substance” there is a purity link involved as well.  Every product should be judged individual for it’s negative and beneficial qualities instead of the label it’s categorized in.

Fetty Way Motorcycle Accident

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Fetty Wap Motorcyle Accident Fetty Wap Motorcycle Accident 2

Let us pray that Fetty Wap the rapper, makes a full recovery from a Motorcycle accident he was involved in NJ, which too many of his fellow motorcyclist abuse the right of the road.  I’m not sure he was one of those individuals that I see on a daily basis on our highways but if he was then he’s lucky he is able to recover.  These individuals swerve in and out of traffic on their bikes at accelerated speeds as if there are no other cars on the road. I’m one who believes in individual freedom but not to the point of dangerous irresponsible driving to oneself and others.Let Mr. Wap accident wake up our law enforcement officials spend more time watching and ticketing these irresponsible drivers rather then the person who is driving 65 in a 55 mph speed zone in turn this will stop serious injuries and or deaths on our highways.

Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition- One Article

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Wall Street Journal

Writing your own blog gives you a certain freedom other writers don’t have. For there are no deadlines or particular issues that you are told even suggested to write about it. This weekend I decided to lesson that freedom by reading one article that I skipped and write about it.  The reason I decided to cause pain in my brain is because without pain there can be no gain and as such by opening my eyes/brain to a different topic maybe I’d gain new insight that I’m ignored. As you will discover with the choice of article that I chose to write about I am causing pain to my emotional part of my brain as well.  Here is that one article and the tidbits I discovered.

DOING THE MAYOR’S DAMAGE CONTROL- by Josh Dawsey & Erica Orden

(1) Emma Wolfe is the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for Mayor De Blasio

(2) She is 36 years old who helps with damage control and assists with setting his political Agenda.

(3) Ms. Wolfe met the Mayor when he was on the City Council and there both Boston natives.

(4) Emma believes that they need to have a “reset” for the mayor’s re- election campaign focusing on words such as fundamentals  and increasing emphasis on affordable housing.

(5) She is reaching out to key individuals in the Bloomberg administration including Howard  Wolfe and believes in trying to coordinate efforts for the former Mayor work with the current Mayor.


Muppets Show

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Muppets 2015

After deep contemplations I’ve decided I enjoyed “The Muppets” first episode.  I guess it’s a sign of the times that Piggy and Kermit split up and Foggie the Bear was dating a human, yet the in depth interviews gave a bit more nuisances to these pieces of cloth and fabric. The Muppets aren’t as innocent or as hopeful as the 80’s variety but we can blame that on the “Simpson’s Effect” which introduced adult topics to child like characters on a regular basis.  The “Muppets” fun for the entire family …. at least if they’re over 13 years old.

*** 1/2 – If Foggie is your favorite character you can an extra 1/2 star or a jar of honey.

Cat Shuts Up Dog- My take

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[youtube_sc url=””]

Yes I know the dog was being annoying but that cat is a big bully anyway.  I guess my dog allegiance comes through this blog post.

Mitch Mcconell vs John Boehner

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mitch mcconell John Boehner

While many of my fellow Tea Parties are partying with the departure of John Boehner from House Majority I believe they are focusing their drinks on the wrong man. For when Senate Majority  Leader  Mitch Mcconell decides to leave his post (or is pushed gentle out)  then the Champagne bottles can begin to open. Mr. Mcconell’s willingness to fight for Conservative causes against Obama’s agenda is a joke that needs to end.  He refuses even to threaten the Nuclear Option  when the Iranian deal brings them closer to the bomb.  Throw out the “seniority way of doing business” and award the leadership role to a true conservative such as Mike Lee. Then watch the fight begin to make our country great again!

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