SN almost Live

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I’ve sorta taken a break from Saturday Night  Live for it has been a bit too politically predictable but am about to watch Saturday Night almost Live which will enable me to zoom past the repetition .  Louis C K is  hysterical so I’m excited to see his skits even if it is on Sunday I think I’m still going to laugh.  This way I don’t have to be annoyed waiting for the good stuff and at the same time make sure that I’m not out before the laughs end.  Saturday Night almost Live might be the solution for those like me who want the laughs without the filler.


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Making You $$$ or at least a laugh/cry

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Opray Winfrey Show

The 63 million + American’s need their own version of the Oprey Winfrey Show with a bit of SNL added to the mix and I should be the host.  This huge audience would gather around their computer/TV to watch a show that combines a bit of a talk show, with comedy skits, a touch of a  musical performances and finally a streak of  rebellious conservative  to it.  A show that will make you laugh, cry and if your in production make you $$. Today I’m going to discuss this basic concept with a producer friend of mine and see whether this world is ready for Opray turned upside down.

Carrie Fisher/George Michael = DEATH TO DRUG ABUSE

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carrie-fischer  george-michael

The obituary might say that Carrie Fisher & George Michael died of Heart Failure but if you believe that drugs wasn’t the predominant factor then I have a bridge to sell you. You can only abuse your body for so long before permanent damage is done to your organs and unless you go cold turkey for years on end it will never go away.  Two more individuals with extraordinary talent have been lost and we in society will continue to have this plight continue until we realize they can’t help themselves and we must intervene (see INTERVENTION BLOG) to stop their deaths. RIP Carrie Fisher & George Michael

Son of Zorn = LAUGHS

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son-of-zorn-1 son-of-zorn-2

When life gets a bit too serious it’s time for a super comedy to step in and Son of Zorn comes to the rescue. It was easy to make this show a bit to silly and fall into the stupid category but the actors play with the Zorn character as if he is real and it’s hysterical.  Maybe over time the jokes will get a bit too cartoonish but for now I’m laughing as if it’s a combination of Seinfeld meets Daffy Duck or something like that.  Son of Zorn because all jokes aside this comedy is funny (at least the 1st two episodes.

**** Son of Zorn- 3 stars if you don’t enjoy cartoon characters with Orange hair (really Orange).


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timeless-1 timeless-2

Timeless is one television show your teacher will be happy that you’re watching and is still fun.  For although the concept of time machines is nothing new the way that this show brings history into light is.  The show enables the viewer not only to read some history book but feel as if they are part of the action even if it’s at the simplest level.   I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes but the story and characters are developing well enough to spark my travels back to this smart tube. Timeless, finally a show your mind, rested body and teacher can feel good about.


SNL Jumped the humor?

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snl jumping-the-shark

SNL opening sketch felt more like a funeral then a comedy. Saturday Night Life continued down this path last night until I had to kill it.  I understand that the writers and actors on this show are in a state of mourning as their Queen Hillary has lost her crown but it appears as they about to jump the shark themselves. Saturday Night Life is supposed to be funny with cutting edge humor that can make everyone from all sides laugh at some point not be so left that only those in the liberal NYC audience laugh. Maybe it’s time to change the opening from “Live from NY” to “Live from outside NY” and make sure that shark goes back in the water.


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BEST COACH” will be the reality show that will push individuals beyond what has been their reality for too long.  Coaches will be tied up with individuals to complete tasks step by step that they never believed they could achieve as they compete with other coaches to see if they can motivate their players.  The physical achievement will be attempted live while the mental, career and emotional challenges will be formulated earlier.  The coach’s will compete until the last man or woman is  pushed to their limit of success and then victory will be their’s!! 

Children of Scandal

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anthony-wiener-son michael-jackson-children bill-clinton-chelsea-clinton

What is it like growing up with your parents involved in a scandal? How do you cope with it as a child and even as a adult?  Is the stain of such a scandal something that never goes away from their experience or can the grow and learn from it. CHILDREN OF SCANDAL will explore these individuals and how they learned to cope or not cope with the experiences that were thrust upon them in which they had no part in.  CHILDREN OF SCANDAL  will give the viewer a new perspective on strength in the heat of fire.

Gotham Color is Back

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gotham-4 gotham-3

Gotham color is finally back. It’s been awhile since an episode from this series has reached the suspense and climax this episode has.  The series started to fall into the silly and I felt it would fall all of the cliff but somehow has climbed back to where it all started. Sophie’s Choice for today.  Incredible art has returned!