Poverty programs keep people poor.

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When an individual “loses it all” from the loss of a job that employment is taken much more seriously. When such an individual takes their job much more seriously their is a better chance for growth and promotions for such an individual and growth for those in the company, as the companies productivity improves.  If on the other hand an individual can lead a fairly decent life while not working through food stamps, housing, free phones, free medical care; while those with menial jobs struggle you have just created a disincentive to the  work ethic.  Am I saying that all aid to the poor should be stopped? Obviously not but their needs to be a new course if we truly want to lift individuals out of poverty.

(1) Any person receiving any government assistance must perform some work based on their abilities or lack thereof. It could be as simple as folding envelopes for an hour a day for those with severe disabilities to cleaning a park for those in better condition.

(2) Unemployment benefits without working are cut off after 6 weeks. You will receive the benefits though while you work even if it’s in a public service works. A private sector company will continue to search for the position you seek and will receive incentives for finding you such a position.


(3) I.

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