Good News- Wall Street Weekend-August 2nd

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wall street Journal  head in sand

I decided that with all the bad news from the ISIS threat to Russia’s invasion in the Ukraine, that it was time to report only the good news. I know that for many this is putting my readers head in the sand but it’s the weekend and a figure some good news can help uplift a few spirits (without reaching for the bottle). So enjoy the brief and some what positive news from the Wall Street Journal (below).

(1) Old enemies are coming together to try to fight ISIS.

(2) Europe is seeing falling prices for their goods.  It might not be the greatest story for manufactures but consumers love it.

(3) Young teenagers are getting paid adult wages for creating new APPS.  Mom and Dad find this especially good news as college costs loom in the future.

(4) The UK is restricting travel by radical Islamic extremist.  The extremist aren’t happy so the civilized world is.

(5) An experimental drug cocktail has cured monkeys of Ebola.  Now if it could only work on people this would be one the best news stories of the year.

(6) Revenues are up for the Jersey Shore. After Sandy it’s great to see this recovery

(7)  Google and Amazon are competing to produce Drones that will deliver packages.  In the future you might be able to get the items you purchased on the same day that you purchased them.

(8) Radio Shack’s stock price doubled this week.  Maybe their deal on batteries wasn’t so bad.

(9)  A new source of energy  is being developed where fresh water meets salt water.

(10) Finally, Cocoa Future prices have declined after a surge in supply. Now forget your problems and grab that Lindt bar instead.

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