Society needs a spiritual awakening

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There is a movement to pull people away from traditional faith observance when instead we need a spiritual awakening that pulls us in. Faith is the one ingredient that if righteous can truly inspire people to be the best they can be not just for themselves but to do those around them because they are judged by a higher authority.  Going to traditional services not only helps your soul but those around you as prayers to G-D truly do get answered and even the ones that appear to be unanswered have a way to hit you when you least expect it.  It’s also a place where people of little faith can build on that as they find true friends who understand and respect an individuals path to the truth.  Finally the movement toward traditional observance keeps the mind away from temptations that aren’t only bad for the heart and mind but the soul that binds it all together.

Voices of liberalism.

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civil rights 4

I never fully understood the blind allegiance many in the African American community had to the liberal movement until I starting reading “Voices of Freedom An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement from the 1950’s through the 1980’s”.   My previous thoughts were based  on the  hear and now not on the painful history that occurred during the civil rights battle.  I realized now that during the horrible days of segregation it was those “progressives” who fought the hardest and  sometimes with their lives to assure basic human rights and dignity in the south. The memories of the struggles these groups and individuals went through to gain those basic rights are imprinted on many of the people who lived in those days and passed down to the next generation. Yet if we in the Conservative movement follow certain steps (below) we will be welcoming new member that will only make our movement stronger.

(1) Acknowledge the sacrifice that those from different political viewpoints made to bring freedom and basic human dignity to so many.

(2) Inform many that the movement also consisted of  those from traditional religious communities and “Conservative Republicans” in Congress that fought to pass legislation to insure such freedoms and human dignity in the future.

(3) Not only reach out to the communities but continue to support fine representatives of the community such as Congressman Allen West, Senator Tim Scott, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

(4) We must truly connect to the communities not with a telephone poll but through love and understanding. This includes getting involved in local charitable events, walking and listening to those on the street and debating those at the local radio shows.

(5) Finally we have to demonstrate that the “Conservative Movement” is a civil rights movement itself. As it seeks to enable the individual to pursue their highest goals and protects the least among us (the unborn).


Civil War in Gaza Strip

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gaza strip

   I love peace except when that peace leads to a bigger conflict in the future and that is what I fear will occur, unless there is a civil war in the Gaza Strip. Every time Hamas is allowed a moment of peace they have used that moment to bring in bigger and more destructive weapons to be utilized against Israel and from their rhetoric, I see know reason they won’t continue this awful pattern. Therefore it is best that a civil war is kindled shortly.  Hamas has lost some of it’s support because of the destruction it has brought on its people and will not be able to deliver the basic resources that are needed, It’s therefore time a new group emerges that can deliver these resources better and will also seek peace with Israel. This group will have the resources (through Mossad) to defend themselves against Hamas and at the same time build a coalition that will fight the totalitarian regime of Hamas. G-D willing after the destruction that will occur a true and lasting peace can occur between the Palestinians and Israel’s.

Terrorist Vacation Spot with no return

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terrorist resort      BOMBING


I say let ISIS have there own resort and recruit as many members as they like but make sure it’s a one way ticket.  A ticket to a place which eventually will be a bit hotter then your normal resort. I’m sure a few Israel wouldn’t mind inviting some Hamas members to join in the festivities.  Once they’ve collected the scum of the earth let’s help them get there real quick with a few hundred ICBM’s sending to there special resort in the ground.

Gift of Gab

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blah blah

I was at a restaurant just few nights ago and met a lovely waitress who had the gift of gab. All you hard to say was one word and she would have a complete life story to tell and if you said two words well then you better be ready to sleep there.  It’s amazing because I’m personally great at the introduction and the close but can get bored in the middle. I’m a 10 if you have 15 minutes to kill but fall to a five within the first half an hour and after that it’s time to brush my teeth, come my nose hair or anything else. Seriously though the gift of gab is a wonderful gift that can make you the life of a party unfortunately it’s a party that I won’t be invited too.


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sad 3


Mental illness is an sickness that can effect anyone at anytime and many of those that are affected don’t even realize that they are sick. It is like becoming near sighted it can slowly creep on you until watching a ball game becomes impossible.  This is a sickness that has taken so many gifted before their time whether it be through suicide like Robin Williams or becoming completely withdrawn like Howard Hughes yet the path still appears unclear to many.  So how can we get others or even ourselves to realize that we are suffering here (below) are a few ways that might help.

(1) Trust a friend, family member, or clergy when they say you look sad, confused or anxious.  Seek professional help or guidance.

(2) Make a diary of the thoughts in your head when you’re not feeling well and read them later when you’re feeling better. If they appear strange to you maybe it’s time to seek treatment.

(3) Research the symptoms you have as if you were suffering from any illness and if they point to a pattern seek treatment.

(4) Talk to an individual who has had treatment and discover whether their past experiences might be similar to yours.

(5) Review your sleep, dietary habits, emotional state if they appear not up to expectations then maybe it’s time to seek counsel.

(6) Finally decide if it’s time to deal better with the problems in life better so life’s experiences won’t be so painful in the future.  Counseling might truly help.

Ben Carson 2016?

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Ben Carson  BEN CARSON 2

After listening to the “O’Reilly Factor” it appears that Dr. Carson is going to run for President in 2016.  There are many reasons Dr. Carson would be a fine candidate including his intelligence, character, ideology, background, speaking ability and his ability to reach out past the standard Republican base. The biggest obstacle he faces is his lack of experience in the political world which may make it difficult to know how to operate the basic knobs and buttons should he be elected. He did a fine job answering that concern by saying it’s not always what you know but the experts that you hire  and the ability to truly listen that will make the difference. I was an early supporter of Herman Cain during the last election and watched as the political elite brutalized this fine man and am a bit concerned whether Dr. Carson will be able to withstand the new storm.  WHAT DO YOU THINK I’D LOVE TO KNOW?

Imagine the News

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    Imagine if there was a paper that truly held up to the finest journalist principles.  A paper that presented all the news but gave you a perspective on it from the right, left and other major position in between. This paper would care more about giving the entire story then spreading propaganda.  It would report stories based on whether they were newsworthy not based on trying to push a certain narrative.  When you read this paper you wouldn’t be able to discover the biases because you would truly have the basic facts and various view points represented with integrity. Intelligent correspondents with various points of view would work just as hard to get others perspectives represented as well as their own. Does a paper like this exist? If so which one? If not isn’t it time for the “Truth”?

How much Wendy?

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How much “Red” do you have in your heart? I don’t expect you to sing about burgers unless you had a great voice but seriously how much enthusiasm do you show for the simple things in life.  The truth is “Red” helps draw us to “Wendy’s” as other spokes people due because of the enthusiasm they showcase for their product. Thank G-D we all don’t share this enthusiasm for fast food or would be at least 20 pounds heavier and be on Lipitor but couldn’t we add a little more Red to our life.  “Red” could help us get to the gym and do that extra five minutes on the treadmill or go to work with enthusiasm and excitement (okay that might be a stretch).   So the next time you’re feeling a little malaise in your life add a dash of “Red” to your life and that Spinach Salad will taste a whole lot better.

Talking to myself

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empty theater

Yesterday I didn’t go insane I just spoke to someone who duplicated my thoughts. He was an individual who started an organization with great enthusiasm and support only to see it collapse like a bridge made of sticks.  His story was my story as I’ve experienced the same situation with various groups that I’ve started and just like him I blamed myself for their collapse. Yet that isn’t the whole story.

The truth is, this is a situation many in the Executive Department find themselves in at one point or another, for many reasons. First of all people expect the world when a club starts up but then reality of the work involved makes them think twice. Peoples’ schedules whether personal or business can also interfere with who actually shows up at meetings. Politics and power struggles can also make individuals uncomfortable with attending meetings.  Finally the cost involved in making a club or organization actually work might scare individuals from further commitments.  My experience though has led me to the following techniques (below) that have made me a bit more successful in these endeavors.

(1) Let different individuals be in charge of different activities.

(2) The leader must be positive or put the best face forward when events may not have met expectations and be ready and willing to accept criticism.

(3)  Allow those who complain the most to be in charge of an activity that they felt was run poorly.

(4) Have low expectations of events but be ready if those expectations are exceeded.

(5) Give yourself a hand even if nobody else does because it takes a great deal of courage and effort to start a club. If for some reason it fails just remember the positive experiences and note that these experiences were shared with others in your group.

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