Rebel Flavor

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Theo has fully gone into the RebeL category with their “Salted Black Licorice” flavor though it’s still to be determined whether it’s a Bud flavor.  Or in more simple words yes, it’s quite unique but does it actually taste good? I guess first you have to determine if you like black licorice because if you’re already eating a Theo bar you love good chocolate and who doesn’t love a bit more salt? In the end the Black Licorice is a bit too powerful of a taste so I wouldn’t put it in the Bud the category although the effort on being such a strong Rebel in this category makes it taste a bit better.

** 1/2 Theo Salted Black Licorice. You can add an extra 1/2 star if you LOVE (and I mean love) Black Licorice.

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