F’D up Mental Health System

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The pieces are not fitting together. For, they say I have a sickness in the mind but then leave all the pieces on the floor for me to gather them with one hand tied behind my back.  After my hospital stay, there are few places I can go to ensure that I keep my feet on the ground, and unlike other illnesses when I have an episodic attack it affects many innocent people. I’ll repeat my stay at a hospital over and over again because this is an illness that never truly goes away but with transitional housing, my life and those around me would be much improved. This could be a place where there is a coach to help me regain my foothold in the job market, ensure I keep my proper medical treatment, and help find a community that builds on the strengths I’ve gained with treatment. Why does this only exist for those family members with means when this sickness affects us all in some way? The mental health system is truly just F’d up.

FOOTNOTE-    Thank G-D I found this type of housing for a loved one but I am one of the few where many, many others continue to suffer.

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