Bud Rebel Show- Reality Check

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While the ideals and outline are set in motion for the Bud Rebel Show( a combination of SNL and Opray for everyone especially fellow deplorable’s) now comes the reality check. The area’s that may not be so exciting but the one’s that will make sure it’s walking up instead of sideways. Here are a few of the steps I’m taking.

(1) FACILITATOR- Time has always been a constraint I can’t add to so I’m looking at a facilitator to make sure we hire the “right people” and they follow the blue print (in my case green it’s a nice color) so the clock will move ahead with the show as well.

(2) LEGAL- It’s important everyone knows what I expect and what will cause them problems in advance. My legal talent will see that this occurs.

(3) NAME- Let’s face it my name is not even known down my block so to have the show reach a larger audience then my bathroom I’ll try to connect a name to said project.

(4) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING- This person will make sure that the show builds up support even when it’s in this face until the crescendo of “PRODUCTION” and also that this support continues afterwards.

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