Plastics in the 60’s Lithium Today

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Lithium Money falling from sky

Just replace this scene below with the word “Lithium” and the story can be retold today. For Lithium is the Plastics or even Gold for today’s world of investing. This metal is being used in so many of the batteries we use today whether it be in our cell phones or cars we will drive and it is in shorter supplier everyday. That is why who ever is able to  pull out this metal from the earth whether it be in Europe or even Afghanistan will receive rewards well past the next remake and truly graduate to the next level of success.

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Stock Sale

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stock market crashbear market

I love a bargain and today some of  the best bargains in town can be found on Wall Street.  Stocks that have good value are on sale like never before and although their recovery might not be as quick as you like that doesn’t mean they’re not worth holding on for the long term. The truth is we might be heading toward an economic slow down and some stocks might not fully recover but most good quality companies will and there are certain stocks that can out perform when the economy is on the down rode.  Here are just a few that I would consider and why I would make such an investment.  Please note I would also stay clear of stocks that have a high profile in China because of the current situation.

(1) Dollar Tree (DLTR)– During poor economic times people still want to spend monies and a dollar is still a bargain plus with the economy hurting they will be able to get pricing and more selection.  (Just a note already own it)

(2) Wendy’s  (WEN)- People still need to eat and Wendy’s has a following that people will still go to. (Own it as well)

(3) Google (Goog) How many times a day do you Google and this is a company that continually keeps on innovating.

My Stock Picks

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bear market

While many investors will run away from a bear market I’m looking to dive right in. Of course I must make sure the water is clear before such a jump. Therefore I’m looking for stocks that have been beaten up and should move up even if the economy stalls. Here are a three stock picks I’m looking into. Please share your thoughts.

(1) Walgreens- (Stock Symbol WAG)  In good or bad times people still need there medicine.

(2) Dollar Tree  (Stock Symbol DLTR) A dollar is a bargain no matter where the economy is moving and with China lowering their currency they’ll be more choices and profits at this store.

(3) Taco Bell (YUM brands) People still want to go out to eat but spend a bit less so places such as Taco Bell and KFC should see growth in their markets.


I hope I’m wrong.

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bear market


I hope I’m wrong but I believe we are entering a full bear market and have instructed my investment advisor to act as such.  The biggest reason that we are entering such a market is because the Federal Reserve is not artificially putting air (monies) into a bubble (banking) that shouldn’t exist in the first place.  It is becoming more difficult for emerging markets to receive the capital they need at a decent rate and therefore they are unable to buy the products they would from us.  The tax and over-regulation policies of Washington D.C  are also causing us much difficulty. This is how I’m dealing with my prediction below.

(1) I’m moving monies from risky capital to conservative stocks that have been known to perform well even when the economy suffers.

(2) I’ve advised my investment guru to seek investment in strong corporate bonds.

(3) I also believe that Gold will be a better investment this year.

(3) Finally I’m putting capital aside to seek good deals in the market (undervalued stocks)  and plan to hold them for the long term.

Banned T.V

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It’s time all voices are heard! That Freedom of Speech occurs not only in the streets but in the airwaves as well! Imagine a day when talent would truly be able to speak their mind without fear they would be cut off from the airwaves. That day could come tomorrow with “Banned T.V”

Banned T.V. takes talent that was fired or “resigned” after saying something offensive and puts them back on the airwave . They will usually be teamed up with someone from the opposite side (ex Alec Baldwin and Phil Roberson) to continue allow all voices to be heard whether they be right or wrong. It also plays “banned commercials”, “music” and even movies that are deemed offensive with commentary from those of the spectrum.  If you truly believe in freedom of speech this might be the perfect network to invest in.

A business concept that excites!!!!

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opening present

This business concept that I’m developing is getting rave reviews from many because it not only has a great chance of a return on investment but provides you with so much more (see below)

(1) It is something that not only you can enjoy for now but for your lifetime and pass it on. It’s like a present that keeps on giving.

(2)This concept enables you to play a role in the action without not having to change careers. You can get involved as much as you like.

(3) It enables you to combine activities that you love with the ability to make monies.

(4) There is great potential for it to expand in other areas.

(5) You have the opportunity to meet and socialize with others who share your interest in a great setting.

(6) It probably won’t require you to empty out your bank account.

(7) There is an aura of exclusivity to the offer.




Following the psychotic

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Elizabeth Smart Elizabeth Smart 2

I just started reading Elizabeth Smart’s book “My Story” and realized that just like others attacked by psychopaths, there was a clear path that could have prevented or lessoned the horrible plight that these victims went through.  Mental health professionals should befriend and/or visit  those who have had episodes/experiences that have been shown to lead to a possible path of deviance. If the mental health professionals meet with such individuals on a semi-annually basis they would be able to insure that they weren’t planning or acting in a way that could cause pain or harm to the innocent. Furthermore if they felt there were suspicious activities occurring they could report these actions to the police  for further investigation  and G-D willing stop or prevent these acts from occurring in the first path.

Todays Dead Man Bounce

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    Yesterday I wrote about my new strategy of investing (see below).  My investment advisor suggested that I wait for companies that were more prominent  so today I add the following names to the list (see way below)

What do you think about this strategy? I’d love to read your thoughts.


I’m going to try to utilize the “Dead Man Bounce ” approach to investing. This approach involves investing monies in a company that has had an extremely poor day in the market. It assumes that things are a bit better then they appear in the market and that this stock should have a bit of an upswing in the next day or so. It is a short term approach. I utilize this approach because I love to bet on the underdog whether it be my beloved Met’s or a stock that everyone appears to have written off.

JC Penney at a 52 week low (JCP)

American Eagle Outfitters at a 52 week low (ACO)

BioScript  There at a 52 week low and continue to drop (BIOS)

Carnival Corp one of the biggest drops of the day

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