Exclusive Investment of Fun

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I’m about to invest in an exclusive concept for those who want to have some fun with their money. It is exclusive because the opportunity is quite limited and as such the risk and reward is greater. This opportunity will be revealed shortly by invite to others who have the income and as I can access desire to invest in such an opportunity. All I can say for now is the one door will open shortly for a few and G-D willing with it’s success spread to others doors for others to make those monies but just as key have some fun.

Fun and Fundamental Investing

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red carpet

If you just invest in Blue Chips you might feel really blue but if you just invest in hot exciting stocks that next cliff might be too high to climb. It’s a balancing act because you never know when a new expense will come your way (car breakdown, house emergency repair) so you need to keep some monies in a nest egg. That nest egg can’t be so protective that you watch all the excitement crack before your eyes. The key is to first insure you can pay for your basic necessities (food, water, shelter etc) for the next several months should something occur with your dream project. If you can get through this cycle then make sure you would be happy if you lost the other aspects of your life (cable TV, restaurants, Going to the movies, new clothes etc) if your investment panned. Once you balanced these costs you can determine how much to invest in that movie, new company or even Atlantic City. Have fun but with your head involved not just your heart.

I hope I’m wrong.

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bear market


I hope I’m wrong but I believe we are entering a full bear market and have instructed my investment advisor to act as such.  The biggest reason that we are entering such a market is because the Federal Reserve is not artificially putting air (monies) into a bubble (banking) that shouldn’t exist in the first place.  It is becoming more difficult for emerging markets to receive the capital they need at a decent rate and therefore they are unable to buy the products they would from us.  The tax and over-regulation policies of Washington D.C  are also causing us much difficulty. This is how I’m dealing with my prediction below.

(1) I’m moving monies from risky capital to conservative stocks that have been known to perform well even when the economy suffers.

(2) I’ve advised my investment guru to seek investment in strong corporate bonds.

(3) I also believe that Gold will be a better investment this year.

(3) Finally I’m putting capital aside to seek good deals in the market (undervalued stocks)  and plan to hold them for the long term.

Which would you choose?

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tough choices

If you had to invest in one of the companies (below) which would you choose? Would you go with a company that entices the taste buds or one that enhances your visual experience? A business that might be a fad or one that can continue to enhance itself? It’s a tough choice but now you can be the Shark (as scene on Shark Tank)

COMPANY 1- “The Cookie Dough Café”   Is edible cookie dough you can eat right from the can without the worry of picking up salmonella because their are no eggs in the product.



COMPANY 2- “Cycloramic” Which is an app that can allow your I phone to move 360 degrees to take a panoramic picture?


A business concept that excites!!!!

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opening present

This business concept that I’m developing is getting rave reviews from many because it not only has a great chance of a return on investment but provides you with so much more (see below)

(1) It is something that not only you can enjoy for now but for your lifetime and pass it on. It’s like a present that keeps on giving.

(2)This concept enables you to play a role in the action without not having to change careers. You can get involved as much as you like.

(3) It enables you to combine activities that you love with the ability to make monies.

(4) There is great potential for it to expand in other areas.

(5) You have the opportunity to meet and socialize with others who share your interest in a great setting.

(6) It probably won’t require you to empty out your bank account.

(7) There is an aura of exclusivity to the offer.




How much should I spend/Invest?

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blue light

You work hard to earn the monies you need to support you and your family with the basic necessities of life but what do you do with the monies (G-D willing) after that? How do we decide what to spend on depends on truly what type of investment we are looking for. Are we the type of person who believes it’s important to save all their monies for a rainy day but what happens if we only see brightness during our lifetime? Or are we the type of person that lives for today and then has nothing for tomorrow? I believe in balance and here are the factors (below) I have tried to implement.

(1) Does the product/service that you purchase exceed the cost you pay for it? After that  that Porsche is gone to car heaven will you have enough memories of it, that it will keep you satisfied when you drive that Yugo (it’s a really cheap car)?

(2) Is this a product/service that you can consider an investment? You’ve bought an extra house in a location that you desire which also has the potential to be rented out and return monies to you.

(3) Does this product/service enable you be involved in something bigger then what you’re involved in now? Owning a part of a business that allows you a chance to grow with that business.

(4) Is this product/service more work then fun? I heard owning a boat is great until you actually own it because of all the work it takes to maintain this property.

(5) Will this product/service enhance your social goals? It is great to be involved in a business but will it take away so much time that you won’t have quality time with any friends or family?

(6) Does this product/service enhance my life in someway? Does it build on my intellectual, physical, and/or spiritual well being.?

(7) Will this product/service bring pride to me? Will I be proud that I tried this even after years have passed?

Be prepared for Black Friday

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It’s a daunting task to figure where to go for Black Friday. It can be at times  quite overwhelming and even scary (if you’re a wimp) to decide where to go.  Therefore I’ve listed some sites (below) that might make your trip less frightening. Please remember to go Friday not Thursday everybody deserves to spend this special day with their family.

Click to see some great and maybe not so great coupons

Click for top ranked black Friday deals