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Screamed at

One of the most difficult things to deal with is a Ass…. and to know whether it’s a permanent condition or just a momentary ass… of the road. For sometimes your initial opinion of such an individual would be different if you saw them at a different time or place. Yet how to determine if someone has the permanent strain in their personality or it’s just the wrong and/or place is the question. Here are a few hints (below) that might help. By the way I’m creating new words that I would be happy if you shared with any Ass…. you may know.

(1) ENVIRONMENT- Does this individual inhabit this behavior only in certain environments and under certain stress levels? If so he is only an environmental Ass…. and the key for you is make sure their environment is clear of you.

(2) DISPLACE- Is this the type of individual who is afraid to speak up to their spouse/partner and therefore displaces their anger on someone they feel will take it.  These Ass….s need to know that their is a gym around the corner and you will not be their punching bag.

(3) ENVY- In a sense this is saddest Ass…. who resorts to acts of nastiness because deep down their jealous of your success or happiness. Over-time and with some counseling these Ass….s can calm down and become less Assified.

(4)PHYSIOLOGICAL-  These individuals have mental issues or chemicals going in the wrong place that cause them to act as such. Professional help is the only way to treat such individuals but understanding that it is a problem that they can’t control can also be helpful for them and yourself.

(5) COMEDIC/BULLY- He/she believes they are a comedian on stage although they might only have one supporter in the audience. It’s best to ignore these individuals as much as possible for if they don’t get any attention the curtain will fold on their ass…. act.

(3) TEMPORARY- This is the most common type of Ass…. and to tell you the truth we all have a little this in us. It occurs when we’re near our breaking point and problems build up so that the next straw tips us to Assville. When it occurs we should try to learn from our mistakes so that we don’t fall into any of the other categories above.

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