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Why 1 Why 2

If your faith has left you with the skin but not the flesh inside, these blog posts will be for you. First let me state I’m not a member of any clergy but read the good book and many other books in my life.  I also will state these may not be the answers you seek but are the answers that have filled the gaps in my 50 + years of life no matter what the hat I was wearing or the place life was turning.  I can also state if a logical reason  proves these answers wrong or sends me in a different direction then that is the way I will move.

WHY ARE WE HERE? – Every person’s is put in this place at this time because G-D has a special mission only they can fulfill. Just like a good film there are other missions along the way that we may have to conquer to get to our own special purpose but in the end the fulfillment of this key to our door. Yet G-D being all wise and kind will allow us another time and place(reincarnation) to try again if weren’t successful it just might require a few more steps to get there.

NEW THOUGHT- If we are successful in our mission we might be given a better role to start in our next life that will still require our special unique character to fulfill.

Why him/her… why?

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desperate prayer


When bad things happen to good people we often ask why? We wish it would happen to someone else instead like a murderer, rapist, someone who robs the elderly or in firmed but not our loved one. The truth is we can’t see why a benevolent G-D would act in such a way. Here are some reasons this action might occur yet I can understand why this blog wouldn’t help those who are suffering today. May G-D bless you and those you are praying for.

(1) IT CAUSES US TO ACT! Whether that action be through prayer, bringing the family together or donating blood to the sick; we act.

(2) IT BRINGS US TO OUR KNEES- We are willing to plead for mercy when bad things happen but often neglect praising the good things.

(3) UNITES A COMMUNITY- Those that were so distant become one in love and kindness to those that are hurt or sick.

(4) CAN RENEW A FAITH- This can occur when our prayers are unanswered or when those prayers result in an unforeseen benefits to us and our community.

Maybe if we perform these acts more often less of why him/her will occur in the future and even if it doesn’t we will better off as a whole.

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