Happy New Year!!!

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happy-new-year-1 happy-new-year-2

May G-D grant you and your loved ones a very special secular New Year with prosperity, health, happiness and peace that you weren’t able to achieve in the year past.  May this year be everything you dreamed of but with your eyes wide open and your arms reaching for the stars wherever it might be or simple put HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Jewish Christmas Part 21++++

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jewish-christmas jewish-christmas-2

It’s Jewish Christmas part 21 ++++….. in my life and the tradition will continue again.  We will try to find a restaurant to eat at that doesn’t make my Christian brothers & sisters have to work for probable a Kosher or Chinese restaurant. Then of course it’s movie time I know some people have to work on that day but let’s just hope it’s a few with my last name.   I need  to bring back a tradition that really was special by bringing little Christmas Cheer to those less fortunate by giving little gifts at a Senior Citizens home or a VA Hospital. That will have to be added to my New Years resolution.  At least this year I’ll get to spin a little dreidal since Hanukkah & Christmas are together again.  Merry X-Mas to all my Christian brother’s and sisters. May this year it be full much health, happiness and some Egg Nog on the side.

Perfect Christmas & Hanukkah Gift for all

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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or even Festivus they’re is one holiday gift you can give that should last all year long, let that special person(s) “Feel the love”.  Sometimes the 3 difficult words are enough “I love you”, but other times based on past experiences, they don’t hit home. Maybe it’s more of a tender action such as a hug or handshake with a bit more umph.  When their heart just still isn’t feeling it then the toughest gift of all must be given, being there.  Go to their place wherever it might be and actually enjoy it just because they are.  Feel the love a gift you can be sure they won’t return and will leave the grouchiest cat with a smile.

Merry X- Mas &…..

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good-sabbath merry-x-mas


Good Shabbos, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Festivus & good weekend. Did I miss anything?  Just in case add Happy Feet Day in case you plan to celebrate a bit of each one of the holidays and you better be walking for the food you’ll be eating.  Whatever special day this weekend brings to you and your family may G-D bless it with peace, health, happiness and a few leftovers.    Just remember next week is New Years.

Adult Halloween

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scared  halloween-fear

If you don’t give or receive a little fear in your Halloween celebration then you might as well call it Monday. For as adults trick or treating by yourself is a bit strange and it’s hard to adopt a child the day before. I’m not talking about the type of fear that leaves you wearing an Orange Suit but one that causes you or your friend to have to get a manicure on at least one finger or tests your jumping back skills.  There is no Thanksgiving without a Turkey (even if it’s a relative) and there is no Halloween without a few goose bumps wherever they may cover from.  What’s that behind you or under your bed?

Easter – A Jewish look

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Easter Bunny

To start out I love the bunny (except for the mess they leave you) and you can’t beat an egg made of chocolate what an awesome combination.   It is great to see stores closed for Easter if only for leaving me a few more dollars in my pockets, which I’ll blow at the movie theater instead.  The theme of the story of Easter which consists of forgiveness and love is something we all can appreciate even if we don’t share the same version of how we get there.  Jesus life and times kept many from the paganism faith of that era and today inspires over a billion people toward the monotheism faith and values which we can share together. To conclude as a Jew I differ in the actual story but we in life differ on many stories whether if be in the movies or real life (yet to still listen and watch) it’s the inner meaning that brings us together instead.  Therefore let us agree to disagree on such and work to uphold the values of faith, forgiveness and love no matter where you’re faith might take you.   Happy Easter to all my Christian Brother’s and Sisters.

Good Friday- and Jews

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Good Friday   Bud Rebel

You might want to inflict pain on me (or worse) after I give one Jewish perspective on Good Friday but I never held back from my truth at least on this blog. Please note this is only one Jewish opinion and even one’s mind there are usually three opinions.  Up until this point in Jesus’s life we in the Jewish faith think of Jesus as a bit more of a “reform Jew” seeing things a bit differently then the traditional Jew of his time but so be it.  Once the issue of his martyrdom is brought up well that becomes a different story or may I say religion. For in our faith no person can get between the direct path from human to G-D no matter how good a life they may have lead or what miracles they participated in.  One person’s suffering for such a faith does not bring about a differing faith but should strengthen the faith that already exist.  In the foundation of Judaism is a believe in the oneness of G-D and therefore a trinity principle is something that doesn’t work.  Jesus was born Jewish and died Jewish according to my belief and his good works during his life lead many toward a new faith that I share so many important values, hopes and dreams with. May G-D bless my Christian brothers and sisters  around the globe a Good Friday and a Happy Easter with peace, love and happiness.

A Christmas Angel…. without wings

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I know it’s not officially Christmas but I’m Jewish so this is pretty close and to tell you the truth this angel didn’t have wings but it is the heart that shined.  My family and friends deserted me for the night and I decided to eat alone at a local bar (the food is terrific) and although I was alone I didn’t feel that way. For I was enjoying reading a book when this lady suddenly appeared.  Please further note that this is a crowded bar and everyone was talking among themselves. This angel asked if I was alone and since I couldn’t find any ants around I concurred that I was.   She instantly sat down at my table and struck a very nice conversation with me even with her friends standing in the wings.  She never asked for anything but was just there to converse to another human being who appeared to be alone on Christmas (close to it).   I hope that I can become one of these angels without wings and fly to bring a bit more happiness to those around me this holiday season.

Jewish Christmas

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Jewish ChristmasJewish Christmas 3  Jewish Christmas 2    As a youngster this was one of the loneliest times of the year for while other children had Santa Claus visit their house he seemed to skip ours every year and I wasn’t that bad. The truth is I knew much earlier then my Christian friends that Santa Claus didn’t exist or wasn’t a big fan of the Jews.  Seriously though I love Christmas and the Christians that celebrate this wonderful holiday (don’t worry Rabbi I didn’t convert) for it brings such cheer, love and generosity to so many and as you get older you realize that the roller coaster maybe a bit too much for you but you still can live the experience as you watch love one’s enjoy the ride. So I want to wish all my Christian friends a very merry X-Mas with health, happiness, peace, love and some great Christmas Decorations that even us Jews can enjoy as well.  A new Christmas movie wouldn’t hurt as well with my Eggnog first and Chinese Food later.

Happy Thanksgiving – Black Turkey

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Feeling Alone    Thanksgiving Dinner 2

We had decided to make a 2nd bird in a less traditional way but when it came out black through & through nobody would touch it, have you ever felt that way at the Thanksgiving dinner?   You already feel like the “Black Sheep” of the family do you have to feel as if you’re the “Black Turkey” as well?  Maybe it’s something you said or something you didn’t say all you know is it feels lonely as everyone is talking around you. This year it’s time families scrape off the burnt feelings and find the warm person inside here are a few tips that might help (see below). By the way in the end we were able to salvage a wing and it actually tasted delicious.

(1) Repeat the feelings and words of the other

(2) Express gratitude for them being with you today.

(3) Concentrate on the food and drinks around you. It’s a big table there must be something good (that salt shaker looks great).

(4) If all else fails bring up faith or politics that will surely get their attention even if it’s not the attention you want.