Retire Style Fund

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G-D willing we are all going to get there so why not retire in style instead?  Yet with the cost of the best facilities going up they appear only for the rich and connected.  Yet with Retire Style Fund you’ll be able to set aside on such an investment for you or your loved ones future which you will actually want to go to. The facilities will have so many amenities that your loved ones and the ones that like you somewhat will actually want to come and see you.  Here’s a basic formula (below) how it would work.

(1) Luxury Senior Residence around the country and world would be included in this investment pool with sub sections based  on 5.

(2) Every month or so a small portion of your income would be invested in this fund.

(3) When you get to the desired age (G-D willing) you would have a choice of  the residents in the pool you’ve chosen.

(4) You can pass on benefits to a loved one if you G-D forbid don’t get to this age or eventually don’t desire such residence.

(5) Cost of the fund will depend on your health, starting age, deductible and type of residence you might want to stay in

Worst.Com App

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Everyone knows it’s hard to be the best but sometimes it’s equally hard to be the worst. That’s why will keep track of those who didn’t come 7th out of 8th but dead last. From the movie that lost the most amount of $$’s to the restaurant which closest the fastest. What really serves the worst Pizza in NY? Who is really the worst barber shop in your neighborhood? Not only will you know who wins (well actually loses) but the criteria behind the “title”.  Yes, we can celebrate the winners but sometimes those that lose deserve to be known as well.

FOOTNOTE- Who will be the worst Democratic Presidential Candidate of 2020 currently Mayor Bill De Blasio but with 24 candidates this race is far from over.


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We need this one in our life as long as they are on our side.  Someone who will continue to “nag” those people into action when we’re tired of doing the same. Finally a good use for the telemarketer from India named Mike. NAGGERS would pursue those individuals that haven’t taken action so you can pursue a different action instead. They could work in a way that represents you as a good cop or one that is close to crossing that line with emails, calls and texting till “they” know your serious and won’t have your  nagger stop till action is completed.  NAGGERS for life’s too short to shout alone.


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While Uber and Lyft will get you there UPPER will do it in style. Whether it’s the limousine service that provides you all the extras or the Lamborghini that keeps them talking UPPER will showcase you have arrived. It might be that you just want a bit more comfort of fun in your ride then UPPER will be the one you will be Apt as well. This car service won’t be for those looking to squeeze a few pennies but those that aren’t afraid to spend a few dollars for some extra style, fun and maybe even fame.  UPPER for you know where you’re going now it’s time you feel that way as well.

FOOTNOTE- All the drivers will be trained in manners as well as driving skills.

Expert Towel

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Imagine if your towel not only made you feel good but insured you did after it’s “use”.  The EXPERT TOWEL would do just that as it completes only part of it’s mission when it leaves your body. This towel absorbs the various hair follicle and skin cell information that is normally tossed aside and with the help of it’s analyst system help determine what is going on in and outside your body.  Is your skin absorbing enough Vitamin E? Are there patches where small secretions should be reviewed at a doctors office instead? Is the oil secretions something that can be treated at your local pharmacy?  The EXPERT TOWEL it’s time  your towel told you more.

Close up of slim female body wrapped by white soft towel. Girl is hiding her breast with shyness and smiling. Isolated

1st Joke

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It’s the one line or few that takes a casual relationship into a true friendship or can turn us into a bunch of animals.  The 1st joke usually isn’t spoken before “hello” but should be said before “goodbye” for it can leave a lasting impression to insure that there are more “hello’s” in the future or honestly close the door forever. Some jokes will go over well with the right tribe or at the right time while others will make some go ape.  Too many relationships are scared to climb this tree because one step to high can lead one tumbling down as if it was a banana peel especially in the PC times we leave. Yet no strong honest relationship can be true without it.  The 1st joke must be said and G-D willing it will lead to many laughs in the future.

Chameleon Hat

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It’s time your hat is as practical as a Chameleon with the ability to change colors quickly along a Velcro twist. That’s right the Chameleon Hat will be the one hat you can wear everywhere and with every style as you change colors that match with your surroundings… well in our case clothes. Black Hat with Blue Letters changes from Red, White etc all with the touch or pull of your hands. The Chameleon Hat now you can protect your fashion interests with only one hat.

Reversible Socks

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There are times  one might forget an extra pair of socks for their journey which go with an alternate outfit or times when  you feel like a change in the middle of a day. REVERSIBLE SOCKS will allow you to live both lives with the same pair on. Just flip them from the other side and “Shaboom” a new style or look is born.  From an elegant look to a hip look all without a major wardrobe malfunction.  REVERSIBLE SOCKS soon your feet can look marvelous wherever they might take you during your days journey.


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Security is only as secure as the lock you put around your valuables and with MOLDLOCK those shackless days are over. For while it’s not to difficult a lock it’s almost impossible to cut one with thickness around it’s shack.   Yet the problem with such a lock (above) is there is very little room to work with. A MOLDLOCK will answer both problems by giving you the room you need to put your lock around the area you need protection then after pushing the steel mold up to the shackle so nobody will be able to cut through. This 2 step procedure will separate MOLDLOCK from the competitors as convenience and strength work side by side.

Phone Screener

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Phone Screener will be the end of the telemarketer on your phone. This computer’s service will make the caller dial certain numbers just to get through the next prompt and with a special code you give to close friends, business associates and family members you want to speak to they won’t get through to you directly unless you want them to.  Phone Screener will also work with annoying texts as well. Phone Screener will insure you don’t feel like screaming at your phone anymore.

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