Smart Toilet- A Business Concept

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Once you lift the lid to your “Smart Toilet” you’ll open a new world of health. For this toilet will store your fecal and urinal remains into a compartment that test them for many different problems that can occur in your digestive/gut tract. Any worrisome results could be emailed to you and/or your local doctor. A matter of fact this can also be used to test your pets “presents” so that you and/or your vet will know when there is something to be concerned about.  The “Smart Toilet” will be so smart that it knows you don’t want to see the testing occurring with your “substances” so the testing will occur in a separate secluded location of your toilet and then flushed away for good. The “Smart Toilet” isn’t it time a toilet really served a smart purpose?

FOOTNOTE- Do you believe this is worthy of investing or a s***** idea?

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