Guilty – A True Story

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It all started when my boat was rising and then a sudden wave from the past hit hard.

  1. I had made some comments when I was barely a child that others had made but was judged as if nothing else was said by anyone, These were common words spoken at the time that today under the microscope would be political incorrect.
  2. I thought that would be the end as the hit knocked me out of my prominent position but then they went after some jokes I made as a professional comedian. Seriously these were jokes that occurred in the industry but some how mine were over the edge.
  3. When I was just about to regain my position some person without any where or when accussed of a disgusting act. Without any real evidence I was forced to pushed to leave this pursuit.
  4. .Now this got the attention of investigators who started asking me random questions in such a way that I made a mistake. When I went to correct this mistake they threatened me with a prejury charge and would go after my family as well if I didn’t remember something that didn’t exit.
  5.  As if I was a drug kingpin these “law enforcement agents”  raided my house in the middle of the night with a gun pointed to my little children.
  6.  Trusted words said in confidentiality with my personal lawyer were taped without my knowledge and used against me.
  7. . A friend of mine that I had known for a short time was put in isolation all because he wouldn’t sing a song that wasn’t true.
  8. .Transactions which occurred in my business life for years were now held onto a different light then anyone else would be judged.
  9. . Information given to the court to allow secret survelliance of  me was clearly false but still used against me as if I was a terrorist.
  10. I was told by the FBI officials that it wasn’t necessary to have a lawyer present because this was just a simple interview yet now those same words are being used against me in a prejury trap.

Why was the justice system going after me and letting others from another group get away with everything. This system knew what is was looking for and it was me at all costs with judgement determined.

FOOTNOTE- This is not a true story but true stories. I also can’t figure out why this format was corrupted can you?

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