End of Times a Jewish Version

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end of times

I recently spoke at a discussion on the “End Of Times A Jewish Version” . I was called in to lead this discussion since the Rabbi got sick.  Here are a few tidbits on this discussion (below) and a website (click below) for additional information.

(1) There will be great turmoil in the world before the Moshiach/Messiah (recessions around the world, and dictators will control countries )

(2) The Moshiach will be bring various factions of Judaism together and bring them back to Israel where the Temple will be rebuilt

(3) People’s of the world will recognize the Moshiach/Messiah and all the world will seek G-D.  There will be peace, great technological advances and the economy will do well.

(4) People will return from the dead. The most holy may return as soon as   Moshiach  arrives and  many others after 40 years of his reign.


Click for additional information on the Jewish Version of the End of Times




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