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Jewish Faith Healing

I’ve decided to pursue a study in “Jewish Faith Healing” because it’s something that could truly come in handy. This pursuit will start later today and consist of standard research as well as deeper research which might involve purchasing items and traveling to various locations. This journey might be something that ends fairly shortly or continues throughout my lifetime. I hope to update my discoveries with you on a regular basis in case this becomes helpful in your own daily life or of your loved ones. Please note I will be throwing pieces of information on the wall in all different directions so you can pick and choose to explore the information as you deem important in your life. Once I’ve completed my initial research I will come up with some personal notes on this information but will continue to search and then from time to time add to that thesis. I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS DURING THIS EXPLORATION.

2/23/2014- It appears that many of the notes I have taken have been accidently deleted I will try to restore them ASAP-From Jewish Science-Divine Healing in Judiasm by Alfred Geiger Moses. Mr. Moses claims that Jewish Science will fill a gap because it shows the art of genuine prayer in it’s real influence on everyday life. The religion of Jewish Science is based on several principles which I summarize below.

(1) Body is a creation of all wise and good G-D

(2) Sickness is violation of the laws of nature

(3) Health depends largely on the use of the body by individuals or the misuse or abuse which brings upon sickness.

(4) Worry, anxiety and similar states cause physical weakness and impairment. Good cheer and optimism promotes well being.

(5) Faith or religion is the highest form of optimism. Therefore religious faith heals & fights sickness.

(6) Religion in all forms has been the chief means of bring about cheerfulness and optimism.

(7) Hash-m is absolutely good.

(8) Prayers and devotion to heal sick.

(9) Therefore Jewish Science should play a large role in healing the sick.

Subconscious mind more effective than the pure idea of faith.

Jewish healing has occurred in the Torah through prophets such as Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Isiah, and Jeremiah.
Chasidim-Faith healers in their day. Zaddik or mediator modern Chasidism profess curative power from higher source.
Founder of Chasidism. Elizer Baal Shem Tob- Emotion above law. They claim to have cured the sick by prayer, ecstasies, and gesticulations. Love of G-D with faith and belief in prayer
Serve G-D with a cheerful and happy mind. Sadness and sorrow darken the soul. By constant communion, one may acquire the gift of prophesy and become Zadik. Chasidism was very popular in early day.
Positive convictions- Health & Happiness – drives out every thought that disturbs body or mind.

In the tents of Israel the spiritual truth has been taught that the ills of the flesh and the sins of the soul can be overcome by the divine power of prayer and good deeds
Two principals have contended in spiritual life- Law vs the Spirit
Meshanneh- Hasshem- “The change of name”- Those that are suffering could be saved from death. The “Angel of Death” would be confused. This would occur at the end of a regular service. The author performed this act on an individual first named Rebecca and changed to Ruth. Moses claims to have witnessed her healing.
EXODUS 15-22-26 – Sickness removed by serving G-D
NUMBER 12- Moses prays for Miriam to be healed from Leprosy
KINGS CHAPTER 17 8-24- Elijah by faith heals widows son.
And he cried unto the Lord. And he stretched upon the child 3 times and said “O Lord my G-D I pray there let this child soul come into him again”.
KINGS 4 8-37 Elisha by faith heals son
He went in therefore, and shut the door upon them twain and prayed unto the lord. And he went up and lay upon the child and put his mouth upon his mouth and his eyes upon his eyes and his hands upon his hands and he stretched himself upon him and the flesh of the child warmed. Then he returned and walked in the house once to and fro and went up and stretched himself upon him and the child sneezed seven times and the child opened his eyes.
JEREMAIH 17 12-17
Heal me O Lord and I shall be healed save me and I shall be saved for thou art my praise .

CHANTING- Is a few short words simply repeated with sweet passion, deliberate intention, and refined beauty. Chanting can unlock treasure upon treasure of healing, wisdom and love. Chanting awakens places inside self which you need. Songs entertain while chants transform.
Each repletion of a sacred phrase can clear away another layer of extraneous clutter and destruction until we are stripped clean, fresh and newly awakened.
Sing to G-D a new song G-D’s praise is found in a community of lovers (Psalms 149:1)
Chanting helps to create habits that lead to peace and express themselves as love
Rabbi Kushner said to Rabbi Gold when she felt overwhelmed and I paraphrase don’t worry about learning every little bit but learn a bit at a time.
Each little bit is like a microsm of the whole and held within it is the overwhelming infinite blessing of our inheritance.
CHANTING PHASES A. Study Text B. Melody C. Harmony D. Rhythm E. Movement F. Visualization G. Meditation H. Repetition
COMPONENTS OF CHANT A. Meaning of sacred phrase B. Breath C. Intention D. Sound Vowel & Consonant E. Melodic story and harmonic intervals F. Tone & Rhythm G. Visualization imposed or discovered H. Context which sacred phrase is drawn I. Balance of will and surrender J. Vertical and Horizontal access, Sterescopic consciousness
VERTICAL – Grounds us and connects to higher guidance of G-D
HORIZONTAL- Openness of heart and everyone in chanting circle (souls in prayer)
Steroscopic – Focus simultaneously on our depest center and energy in group.
Silence between chant A. Gentle breath in heart B. Explore inner space C. Notice shifts of consciousness D. Surrender to G-D
Jonathen Goldman- (Sound Healing) 95 % intention
Intention- not what I want but what G-D wants for me or through me. She believes that the will of G-D moving inside her is calling her toward the realization of her potential. From small mind to large mind. Direct heart to a specific purpose.
Silence-between chant
(1) Gentle breath in heart
(2) Exploration inner space
(3) Notice Shifts of Consciousness
(4) Surrender to G-D
Pathway to intention
(1)Memory (2) Imagination (3) Presence (4) Attunement
Happy are those who dwell in your house they keep in praising.
We are all connected to G-D’s house- The author looks back at a previous experience looking down from a mountaintop.
Memories that are painful or terrifying sometimes get trapped in our body- Form blockage result in disease- chanting frees these obstacles.
“Those who sow in tears will reap in joyous song” Plant tears grieving can wash those painful memories and cleanse us.
Connect my own tears shed and unshed cause a greater love and compassion for selves and others.
Awareness of your own state magnifies its benefits.
“Spiritual Photograhp” How you feel in a chant to recount during difficult period.
IMAGINATION –Albert Einstein- Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
“Enlarge the place of your tent” Pain takes up entire space of awareness Pain less difficult if open space.
Inviting our future selves
G-D show me my end and what is the measure of my days.
“Your people are my people and your G-D is my G-D”
Get rid of bad thoughts-Minimize them and try to think positive- In author’s life removed warts
ATTUNEMENT – is about coming into harmony with the highest possibility.
All belong to same route to G-D Build ones close you all the way to those you might even dislike.
Attunement to the highest deepest most expansion possibilities of who I am becoming, so that I might come into harmony with the flow of “milk and honey” and enter the promised land.
ECSTATIC STATE- Healing & Empowering
Pickup Phrase- Not just words but sounds consonant and vowels feelings that this sound evokes.
Rhythm- of breathing will produce specific states of mind
“My cup runneth over”
When chanting eyes are closed
1. Greater concentration less self conscious.
2. Chant through boredom and anxiety
3. Losing fear of self control go with chant
Will- Our commitment to rigor, regularity, moving through difficult places, expend effort not giving up.
Obstacle of Will- laziness, apathy, confusion, cynicism,
Surrender- Fear of unknown- fear of letting go- fear of not being in total control-fear insight will force change INSTEAD- Partner with G-D- Yearn for most is also what we sometimes we fear the most- Friends can help find our blind spot which isn’t easily seen with our naked eyes.
MEDIATION- Foundation of prayer
The author chants following services,

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