Bud’s School Class 2- ELECTRICITY

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At this school there will be no tests, no written assignments and classes will be as short as you could read these blog posts. Yet the information you will receive will be something that you probably never learned in standard schools or were like me never really paid attention to or forgot.  My research will be quite limited do to time restraints so please add your own information/knowledge. Classes will meet anytime that I have a free moment. Our 2nd lesson is on basic electricity and this class has a video component as well. Here are your basic notes.

(1) ELECTRICITY- Flow of  electrons from one atom to another. When you make an electron leave an atom you get electricity.

(2) ATOM- Smallest known substance (that I know of) which contains an equal amount of  electrons (negative charged) and protons (positive charged) surrounding a nucleaus.

(3) CONDUCTORS-  Substances that have a fast pace of electrons movement. Best conductor is Silver. Electricity flows smoothly along conductors.

(4) INSULATORS- Substances that prevent conductor movements.

(5) ELECTRIC CIRCUIT- A closed loop which allow electrons to travel around and around so flow continues.

(6) VOLTS & WATTS- Measure electric flow



Information was gathered from Sparkfun.com, Dummies.com and the video above.

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