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I would be writing this blog in a 50×50 cell,  if I was called upon to act on my anger at that moment. For my father aged overnight as he discovered one of his trusted associates “His accountant” was stealing the monies that were intended to pay the business taxes. This man had gone to our biggest family celebration and was treated as if he was part of the family and yet he had the nerve to commit such a heinous  act that not only could have put the entire business in jeopardy but sent my father to that 50×50 cell.  Luckily we resolved this peacefully and I’m writing this blog from the free world (sorta free President Obama is still President).

The betrayal of stealing is factor that has continued to haunt this “Crazy Business”. We have had so many close people steal from us that trust has been thrown out the window years ago and replaced with camera’s.  Drug habits have been the cause of many a great person turning to this evil behavior and once a thief they can hardly kick this habit as well. Stealing has made it difficult to hire people from the same family as we have seen wife’s steal while their husband supposedly didn’t know.  Many a thief will try to frame another person for the actions but through the use of camera’s the truth finally does come out.  The truth is stealing has put this entire “Crazy Business” in handcuff’s as we lose the freedom that trust enables a business to grow in fun and profits.

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