Anger 1st!

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When I was a waiter in camp we came back much later then our curfew but instead of feeling bad for what we did our leader told us to act angry for what had occurred. This anger through our counselor off guard and we got away without being punished.  Today many people use that technique when they appear late for work or even absent. We’ve also seen government officials yell “What difference does it make!” when they obviously know it makes a difference.  Hillary Clinton today appears indignant about even the thought of allowing her server to be independently inspected by a third party when many just want to find out the truth. Could this anger help to throw us off the real target of finding the truth?  Angry 1st is a technique that works in many cases because we are so confused by the reaction of the guilty party that we assume they must be innocent because normally people would feel contrite.  Therefore we must be careful to examine who uses Anger 1st and whether that anger is real or utilized to get us off their backs.

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