Really- My True Story *E*

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WARNING-  This blog post is graphic. Read at your own discretion

It started out like any other morning but it ended in a living hell which I will never forget!! I was bit stuffed up the previous morning and this one was giving me similar problems which unbeknown to me (I’m not a brain surgeon)  even my “best friends” noticed.

I was so excited to have a personal ride in a car but that excitement should have been fear. First, we traveled to a groomer who quickly cut around my butt area (I warned you this would be graphic) then just as I thought I was returning home we took a stop to hell. This lady called a vet started cutting even more narrowly around my “personal space” and then she started to feel around there. How disgusting and I’m like 6 1/2 year old.  This was just too much and I knew she needed to see some teeth so when she tried to get some “knots” out those teeth were bright and snarly.  I will never forget… oh wait those dog biscuits are awesome. What was I saying?

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