Fight Suspension

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You’re about to get into another round when you decide there might just be another way to victory.  Here’s a few rules of your new battle plan toward peace.

(1) EXTEND THE BELL- Take a few more moments to consider what you are feeling and what your opponent is as well. Even if it appears to be from a different planet.

(2) PRACTICE EXPRESSING THEIR EMOTIONS-  Once you get into the ring try to fight their battle for them at least in your head. Understand that their spaceship might have gone way off but it’s still their emotions, which makes it valid even if you find the point that got them there lost in space.

(3) TAKE A PUNCH- Apologize for the things you’ve done wrong in the battle even if it’s just an octane to high. Remember your opponent isn’t Mike Tyson and one punch won’t knock you out.

(4) I, I ,I FEEL-  It’s time to be open up and tell how …. made you feel and why this might have occurred.

(5) KNOCKOUT- Take the initiative to move on to a different topic, once you’ve agreed to some basic ground rules so this doesn’t occur as frequently again.

(6) REMATCH– Just because you won this match doesn’t mean a rematch isn’t in the future but at least you now have better techniques for the fight and the peace.


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