Mexico Build The Wall

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For the good of the United States & Mexican People Mexico build the wall! Here (below) why this is the brick.

(1) MEXICO EMPLOYMENT- Building a wall will create thousands of jobs for those living in a Mexico including those who are in the caravan.

(2) LESS EXPENSIVE- Let’s face it the salaries for labors in Mexico is a lot less expensive then in the United States. 1.5 billion

(3) MEXICAN/US PRIDE- By working together instead of against each other it can be a joint venture with the creativity of both nations instead of imposed by another. Securing both countries for their national soverignty.

(4) MEXICO/GUATEMALA- Once this wall is complete we can help Mexico to build a wall/border security with Guatemala so the migrant crisis won’t be repeated.

Of course wall construction would have to be suprevised with American Inspection and since we are funding this project that shouldn’t be a problem.

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