Death & Life or Don’t Blame G-D

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heavenly gates in heaven 1

I’ve been dead for so long I’m starting to forget when I was alive well, technically. For death is more lively then life itself.  From the first moments you enter after a step in the hot stuff (depending on the path you took before) you are working like never before. You’re assigned a special task based on the skill set you’ve developed on earth so when people say G-D needed a carpenter trust me there is some remolding to do. Yes we are angels in someway trying to influence people to what we perceive is their chosen path and unlike G-D we get it wrong more often then you would expect which leaves it to G-D to straighten it out.  G-D can straighten out even the biggest mistakes we make as we see with the establishment of the United States and Israel.  Hey, it’s not all our fault you have the free will to make the final decision even if we have the wind blowing in a different direction.

FOOTNOTE- I’m still alive (I think) just giving you a different perspective on life and death that might be occurring right now and in our eternal future.

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