Bud Rebel Film Festival

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I propose formulating the “Bud Rebel Film Festival with the following parameters (below).  If it goes as G-D willing planned, it will be a festival featuring films that are 1st entertaining with a unique twist and in some way make you feel good like a Buddy.

  1. Date January 20th
  2. Location- Boca Raton, Florida
  3. Featuring- Shorts & Full-Length Films that are truly entertaining have a unique angle and make you feel somewhat good in some way.
  4. Panel Discussions, Food Tasting and surprises are additions I’d like to make
  5.  Audience Participation all the way
  6.  Portion of proceeds going to a worthy charity
  7.  Entertainment all around the festival must be the key.

FOOTNOTE-  This proposal is just on the writing board today so contact me if you want it on the screen as well.

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