Retire Style Fund

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G-D willing we are all going to get there so why not retire in style instead?  Yet with the cost of the best facilities going up they appear only for the rich and connected.  Yet with Retire Style Fund you’ll be able to set aside on such an investment for you or your loved ones future which you will actually want to go to. The facilities will have so many amenities that your loved ones and the ones that like you somewhat will actually want to come and see you.  Here’s a basic formula (below) how it would work.

(1) Luxury Senior Residence around the country and world would be included in this investment pool with sub sections based  on 5.

(2) Every month or so a small portion of your income would be invested in this fund.

(3) When you get to the desired age (G-D willing) you would have a choice of  the residents in the pool you’ve chosen.

(4) You can pass on benefits to a loved one if you G-D forbid don’t get to this age or eventually don’t desire such residence.

(5) Cost of the fund will depend on your health, starting age, deductible and type of residence you might want to stay in

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