Alyssa Milano Admits to Multiple Abortions

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Alyssa Milano, 46, revealed in a recent episode of her podcast that she made the “devastating” decision to have two abortions in 1993.“I chose. It was my choice. And it was absolutely the right choice for me. It was not an easy choice… it was not something I wanted, but it was something that I needed, like most health care is.” She continues on to say that if it weren’t for the two abortions, “My life would be completely lacking all its great joys. I would never have been free to be myself, and that’s what this fight is about. Freedom.”

If you ever doubted that abortions are mostly a selfish choice, Alyssa Milano’s statements above are your proof. How selfish does she sound??

She claims it was a “devastating” decision, but why would she be so devastated if it was “the right choice”? Perhaps she knew that it was wrong, and that she intentionally killed two innocent babies in exchange for her career advancement.

This is part of the problem with liberals and the pro-choice movement; they deny the wrongness of killing innocent babies but at the same time talk about protecting the innocent and vulnerable at all costs (i.e. refugees).

Sadly, Alyssa cannot see the damage she’s done to herself and those babies by aborting them. Here’s what I imagine her aborted children would say if they could. “Mom, we would have been your biggest supporters. We would have been so proud to see you as a big star if only you would have given us a chance. Not only would we have watched you as your star rose, but even if Hollywood turned down the lights, you would have shined in our eyes. Sometimes we might not have been the best for your career, but overall, our laughter and love would have made you smile more than a stadium full of screaming fans. For fame and fortune fade away, but children remain; that is unless we’ve been killed from your life plans.”

I can’t understand how one can believe they are successful when they took an innocent life to get where they are; children are what genuinely count in one’s life journey. Because success isn’t measured in fame and fortune but in loved ones that stay with you even when the spotlight goes dark.

How to prevent mass shootings in America

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How to prevent mass shootings in America

Another mass shooting and the question must be asked, “Why? And how?” Why do individuals commit such heinous acts, and how can we prevent them from occurring in the future?

The most straightforward answer is to ban the tool(s) used in such a massacre, which happens to be a gun. But since guns have been around for nearly a century and only relatively recently used for such evil, I don’t believe this is an effective solution.

What has changed recently and just as significantly, what can be done to prevent this evil in the future? I believe there are solutions out there that would prevent the massacres that occurred in Dayton & El Paso. Here are a few of my ideas:

PHARMACEUTICALS. It appears that many of these shooters have been prescribed mental health medications that have been more harmful than helpful. Unfortunately, prescribers pay too little time and attention monitoring whether the individual prescribed the medication is taking it according to the plan, regularly and consistently, and whether it is effective or not. Professional counseling should also be a part of the treatment plan. Individuals prescribed such medicines should continue to see professional counseling help throughout the years to ensure they don’t become a threat to themselves or others.

SOCIAL MEDIA. Individuals who commit such evil acts sometimes leave signs on social media that they are predisposed to such evil. Social media sites should be monitored by professionals who are trained to see such signs and help individuals before they can become a real threat to themselves and society at large.

MEDIA. Mass shootings draw out the media like no other story, but unfortunately, they also draw out those who will do anything to become part of a story. We cannot stop the press from reporting such horrendous events, but we should work with them to stop naming and publicizing the shooter. Publicizing the shooter makes them folk heroes in some twisted circles, which can lead to more copycat shootings. Media should focus on the victims’ stories, not the shooter.

END GUN-FREE ZONES. Let it be posted in large print that all large areas where people might congregate could be guarded by individuals and/or armed drones who have the ability and will defend the innocent if necessary. Seconds matter in active shooter situation, and well-trained, responsible gun owner can save lives when they occur.

GUN SHOPS. Individuals who work and own such shops should be trained and educated on characteristics that fit a shooter’s profile and be required to alert authorities of such individuals that they might encounter.

WORK WITH THE NRA & SIMILAR GROUPS. These organization understand that unless this evil is stopped in society the rights of good citizens to protect their loved ones will be threatened as well by governmental over-reach. The NRA can play a bigger role in sponsoring more responsible gun ownership including helping other responsible owners spot individuals who might be a harm to themselves or others and notify the proper authorities should this occur.

What I’ve written above only scratches the surface of some ideas of actions that could help prevent mass shootings, but truthfully, additional soul searching needs to occur immediately to prevent this horror from continuing to happen in the future.

We can either come together to provide realistic solutions to mass shootings based on our culture and way of life or continue to watch innocent people die while we blame the other side. Let’s act to implement the items that really can make a change NOW. Let’s pull together and push our government and business leaders to take these realistic actions and do more.

Confessions of a NASCAR Jew

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Confessions of a NASCAR Jew

I have a confession to make — I love NASCAR! I thought I drove this track alone, and as a rebel, that’s fine and dandy with me. NASCAR is ingrained in my bones as the speed, sound, and thunder brings my mind into focus while these incredibly talented drivers take their vehicles and bodies to top speeds. These cars are built from the ground up and are pure racing beasts.

Attending a NASCAR race is a sensory experience you’ve got to try. You’ll see bright colors, hear the growling sounds of the engines and the awesome fans, smell the hot tang of brake dust and rubber, and feel the sun burning your skin on a smoking hot day. There is nothing in the world like attending a NASCAR race in person.

My love started with the Indianapolis 500; I wouldn’t miss this race even as I watched it alone figuratively and in reality. Then, somehow, I was introduced to NASCAR, and my track has never been the same. It’s a sport that most in my (Jewish) tribe have not accepted in their lifestyles, so I sought fervent fans from other groups to fill the void.

Yet last night an individual spotted the #18 (Kyle Busch for those of you not in the know) hat on my head, and I was inspired! Could there be more Jewish NASCAR fans out there than I thought?

We bonded as if we were two track mates that spent a lifetime together, even though it was only minutes. We were brought together by the love of a sport that was not part of the “Jewtopia” world but was solidly a part of our world.

I know there are others out there from my tribe who hide this passion behind a closed door and T.V., and I aim to bring them out of their closet to be a proud Jewish NASCAR fan. Don’t worry; it doesn’t matter if you’re a good, bad, or indifferent Jew – you can still love NASCAR!

So, dare to show your rebel Jewish colors. Don’t let “the mob” tell you what sport to watch, join our “mob” instead. You’ll find others in our tribe, and we’ll build our new community together!

What do you think about this dating service with a twist?

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Yelp Dating Service

He looked perfect, but after reading his reviews, I turned away in a flash. She appeared to have it all, but upon reading further, I really didn’t want that all. What am I talking about? Online dating, but with an added twist. What if there was an online dating service that would provide you with verified information about an individual, based on other’s reviews from previous encounters with the said individual?

This new dating service would require an individual to fill out an extensive survey and have their questions certified (with their approval.) Also, they will have certified reviews from previous encounters as well as a photo of them that is scannable for facial recognition. Once you meet said individual or look up their name, this complete list of information will appear with the reviews in dated order. You will know their strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes before a potential life partner opens their mouth!

But wait, there’s more! I envision this service is not just exclusive to online dating but is used for business as well. What if business people had profiles with verified information and reviews from others who have done business with them? Can you imagine? It would ensure every meeting you have is productive for you and the person you are speaking to because you’d already know their in’s and out’s and what they’re like before encountering them at a business meeting.

You might be wondering why anyone would allow such information about themselves to be revealed to the world, and the answer is simple. If you have nothing to hide, then why hide it behind an outdated image? Obviously this information would not be forced out there, it’s completely voluntary. But I’m sure there are lots of honest people out there who would love to participate. Wouldn’t it make life easier?

Life is too short not to know who you are actually speaking with. Shouldn’t we want every encounter to work to our advantage?

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