Lower the Volume on Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

It is despicable that an American citizen in Turkey appears to have been killed in a Saudi Arabian embassy yet sometimes it pays to look with only one eye.  For Saudi Arabia does much of the dirty work for us whether it is confronting our enemies directly such as ISIS and Iran or being a new buffer for our ally Israel.  They also are a great trading partner with us which helps thousands of our citizens. It’s also worth noting  Saudi Arabia has given us some stability in a part of the world that is full of chaos. Yes, Saudi Arabia should receive some type of punishment if what they are accused actually occured but let us give them a bit more leeway in their version of the “facts” because  it’s often best to deal with the devil we know then one that we don’t.

Our Idea/Product/Film ETC

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black familyHanging out w Friends

It is not our idea/product/film but theirs.  Of course we creators deserve all the glory and profits for putting it all together but they are the pieces that enabled it to be constructed in the 1st place. Whether it was a product based on struggle of a loved one/liked one or a character in your life which led to a script in your head you wouldn’t be there without them. They are the inpetus that led to you getting where you are going and although you might be the creator they planted the seeds or helped it grow when the story was half way there.   So I  believe we creators should give a standing ovation to all the YOU’s in our life for without their input whether directly or indirectly we would be sitting in whole different seats.

standing ovation 2


Trade Policy Win Win

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Tariff 2

There is a way for various sides to win in the battle of trade.  The United States can’t compete with those who pay their workers slave wages and those countries can’t continue these practices without a revolt for too long. Therefore these countries will force their employers that want to export goods to the United States to increase the wages they pay their employees. The employees will be delighted with an increase in pay and the United States will feel that the playing field has become more level.  This will also increase the tax revenue’s going to the government to help lift up those in need and solve the trade dilemna.  A win, win for everyone involved in this great trade deal.

Genius Today!

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wheel 2Cave Drawings Old Radio

Let’s face it today it’s harder to be considered a genious then in previous generation. When there was only one or two forms of music that one listened to then making a sound that was “genious” isn’t  as difficult as when 100’s of genre’s are currently in the marketplace.  New inventions would have been considered “genious” to devise when there was so much more to invent then today when there are thousands of new products commercialized every week.  Your art was “genious” even if   it was only some stick figures on a cave wall then what we expect from art today. On the other hand we have the assistance of other types of equipment and brains to create the genius within then in the past and a different type of leisure time to do so as well . For while our ancestors had to worry about animals attacking them today we worry about traffic and a different type of warfare.   There are probably as many if not more geniuses out there today but the world will not see them unless they have stepped uniquely across or inbetween many genious of the past.

FOOTNOTE- On a positive note a bit of genious from not so long ago (below).

Killing Rights

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killer 2

I support the right to kill when it to plants, germs and animals even though I personally don’t engage in the last category.  Yet when it comes to other humans it is only those who are tried and convicted of capital murder or violent rapes that deserve the ultimate penalty and that should be administrated as painlessly as possible.  In war of course there is also collatorial damage which always should be reduced as much possible without restricting the importance of “said operation”. With that in mind I don’t support the right to kill the innocent unborn who have done nothing wrong except have a beating heart at the “wrong time”.  What is bewildering to me is that in a civil society we can even consider such a brutal way to take these innocent lives that we wouldn’t use on a murderer. While many support this “right to kill” the unborn they refuse to say it as such and change it to the “right to choice” which is meant to confuse the issue.  If I’m willing to state the obvious shouldn’t they?

unborn baby

Quote Revised

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Writing Erased

It is the quote often used to reflect on one’s behavior “Do unto others as you would want done unto you”, but I believe it needs a bit of revision.  For you have different emotions, strengths and weakness then others so why is that “good enough”.  The revision therefore should read “Do unto others as you would want done unto you if you were them“.  In other words if you were the other person with their same emotions, strengths and weaknesses how would those words or actions impact the “new you”. Now of course we can’t read every person but the more we know someone the more this new quote should become more relevant in our life’s and our loved ones.

2018 Election- Stand for Death or Living!

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voting 2 voting

2018 Election appears to be drawn on 2 different parallel lines death and living. For the Democrats will paint a picture where Roe Vs Wade will be overturned as a new Supreme Court Justice is picked and you will actually have to drive to another state (NY, NJ, California, Maine …..) to have your unborn child murdered. The truth is that if Roe VS Wade is overturned you probably could get a discount flight paid for by Planned Parenthood in return for the blood.   The Republican’s on the other hand will paint a picture of living with more of your income (tax cuts) with safety (build the wall) and happiness (peace with North Korea).   Death or Living you decide at the ballot box in 2018.

Democrats Conversion

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Nanci Pelosi Senator Schumer Crying

The Democrats have converted me for I used to be much more liberal when it came to immigration legal and illegal but their EXTREME position has moved me closer to an American 1st policy.  Of course I believe that those who truly are seeking sanctuary from abusive regimes should be allowed to find home in our country but they should be vetted to find out if this true and must come through the legal channels we have set up.  We welcome new legal immigrants but not based on some lottery system instead the merit they can add to our country.   Immediate family members of our new immigrants should be able to stay yet that doesn’t mean 2nd and third cousins. Thank you Democrats for opening my eye’s to the moderate position the President approves of and the extreme open door policy that you have adopted.

Politics & Relationship

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relationship addiction

For many it’s harder to divorce from their  political party then any relationship.  They have committed so much time and energy into this belief system that even if it’s a bad relationship at least it’s their’s. So they ignore all the fault lines believing that their party deep down inside still loves them even as the knife wounds seem obvious to everyone else.  Political parties for some are the heartbeat that keeps them going even if it’s beating in a different heart.


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Busy working relaxing

Everyone needs “this much” to be happy and for many that is enough.  While others are happy but still continue to reach for the stars. The funny thing is that they are both right just different.   It’s perfectly okay to continue to reach but it’s also okay to lay back and be satisfied with your achievements.  For one person’s happiness is just a foot step for others but nobody should judge for nobody has walked exactly the same path with the same feet.

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