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Twisted Path

FOOTNOTE 1ST- I’m going to attempt to write a novel on this blog post day by day. Just as paths don’t always appear straight so will this story be the same.  Time wise this is the harder then expected. I might finish when I’m 80 or so.


As I prepare for my daily sermon in a beat up a broken down building with running water then stays a float a young lost soul enters.  He looks like dozen’s of other lost souls that have entered this building and stay for a moment only to get lost again but this time I can’t let him walk away. As he starts to get up I’m pulled to make sure it’s not on the path he has entered.

“Wait you came here for a reason other then this moment”, I scream.  “There’s no point I just came here to um pay respect and trust me there is nothing to respect about me”, the young man says.  “Your journey is the one many have taken until they find it’s only dark I’ve been there. “I didn’t come here to be preached to old man I don’t even know why I came now let me go”, he yells back. ” I can’t stop you but eventually the bullets will or worse then that someone you love and then …”. ” What do you know about that?” the young man screams back.  “The pounding of my heart was only on pure rage and revenge. It was all I lived for or died for but then I saw who they killed and it changed my life”. “Who did they kill?” the young man inquires.  “Listen to my story for it might change our life”. “You act like you were someone big but you’re just some stupid preacher”, the young man says. “I was just like you and it cost me worse then you can imagine”.



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