Ginny Burton- Prison Can Help

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The next time someone says that we shouldn’t lock them up tell them to contact Ginny Burton 1st.  For, she is a perfect example of how tough medicine can really cure a sickness. Ginny Burton is a recovering addict (one is never fully cured)  who committed many a crime to keep the sickness going. That is until the 3rd stint in prison had her see the reality of what her life had become. This last sentence gave her the will to change her life and in turn help others falling down the same path. Ginny realizes that the tough medicine of prison is not being offered to those who are in the situtation today and feels life is being lost on all ends.  In that end not only should we lock them up but give them a true chance of recovery and help when they get out. Ginny Burton proves we can change a life but only if the doors are locked for those that are truly sick.

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