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Fake Rolex REAL ….

That fake Rolex might actually be real… pain. For there will be much more materials that people will sell for a steal because it is stolen not just from some business but from a heart and soul of a community. Looters destroy more then a store they take down their entire community as a whole. How many more will lose their employment for good because someone had to steal it away? Yes, many will come back but even if that occurs they will be damaged for life putting metal gates not only around their stores but adding fear and hate to the inventory they once loved.

Today’s Cure

The one cure that will get most us through these difficult times is traditional faith filled families. These are the families that have the control to insure that their young members don’t go out to cause bedlam and then return home to spread a potentially deadly disease to their families This is  a family that teach their loved one’s that stealing, vandalizing and attacks on any innocent person is wrong whether they wear black, blue or even white. This is the family that promotes caring for one another instead of attacking one’s you might disagree with. In times like these we realize how valuable such families are not only to the members that belong but to society as a whole.


How Could You?

Where would this thought even enter one’s mind? If you know anything about who I am the door would have been shut closed? Yet you brought a key in that was so dark it’s just bizarre. Where do those thoughts manifest and what would you walk in this darkness? Words are words but twisting them to mean something way out of context is not only confusing but wrong. I know who I am and I thought you did as well but now I don’t even know what picture you’ve been looking at.  Most importantly where do we go from here when I have no clue what puzzle pieces you are holding all I know is it doesn’t fit me.