Moving or Staying

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Sometimes it’s best to move forward other times you’ll just head for a cliff. Walls might appear to get in one’s way but for others they’ll just break through. Yet in the end it’s not our choice for when G-D decides clouds are in our horizon our feet become stuck in cement even if our bodies and mind are moving.  I learned from my elderly parents that one must find satisfaction when a slower time does occur but keep my pace quick so that I won’t miss any of the passing sun along the way.

Bud Rebel Show/Company Goals – 2ND HALF 2019

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I want to end 2019 with a bang that lights up many a sky in a way that sets 2020 up in a blaze! Here are some of the end of the year goals.

(1)BUILD A TRIBE– Where we march together and individually to build a brand we all can be proud of!

(2) PRODUCTS – Add new products to that brand that truly are worthy of the Bud (excellent quality) Rebel ( UnIque) and bring them to a higher marketplace.

(3) CROWD FUNDING- Build a campaign that great individuals will want to be a part of for the fun and influence it will produce.

(4) CAUSES- Support causes that truly make a difference in one’s life at a much more active basis

(5) SHOW- Produce several Bud Rebel shows that are worthy of it’s name and of course the viewers time.

(6) TELL- Speak to audiences that want to hear  inspiring, thought provoking and inspiring stories.

(7) VIEW- Start developing a website(s) that will be unlike anything out there now.

Bud Rebel Show Goals Powerful & Funny

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The Bud Rebel Show goals is simple not take up space but change the scenario as a whole. Here are just a few of main goals that G-D willing we will achieve with it’s production.

(1) LAUGHTER FOR THE ONE’S RIGHT OUT- We want to produce laughter from skits that are based on what comedy should be funny and not P.C correct.

(2) THOUGHT PROVOKING SOLUTIONS– We want to present solutions to “problems” that are not just out of the box but in a whole new triangle.

(3) REbEL PROUD-  This should be a show that loves to support those who do things a bit differently whether they be a black or polka dot sheep.

(4) BUD PROUD- Not the smoking one but the one that gets you high by the warmth one feels naturally around a buddy.

(5) ENTERTAINING- This show should never lose sight that the viewers time is valuable and we are here to bring a whole lot more fun to it.

(6) CAUSES – We want to  hi light charities that actually produce powerful positive results.



Drone – Battles

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It was just a matter of time before Amazon & Google finally came to blows and this was done in air war which death rather then packages were delivered. For once these competitors came head to head the parts and packages literally fell to the sky. With a demand to be the 1st there was bound to be an incident where one drone got to close to the other by accident or maybe a game of chicken that went way over the edge.  Drone wars have become so be wary for it’s not a bird or a plane but a crashing drone.

Top Secret – Change Minds

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President Trump will never get above the low 50 % in his approval rate even if he personally cures cancer because he forget to “kill them with kindness”.  He continues to feed his base with Red Meat while many are vegetarian’s and will not even look at his menu. For one to get through the “other side” they must be subtle most of the time and when it is a piece of meat makes sure there are is dessert right after (some Diabetic) that everyone can eat. Let all opinions in and never be the 1st one screaming but don’t be pushed over as well.   Mix it up so subtly that individuals from the other side will not even know they walked a few feet on your path and before you know they’ll be handing you a yellow brick for your road or wall.    The secret weapon has been used effectively for years by the “other side” now it’s time we use it as well.

Tariffs = Infrastructure

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Mr. President this is an executive order that everyone (well those that don’t watch MSNBC, CNN ) can stand behind. Please sign an Executive Order that directs a large portion of the $$’s that we receive from the new Chinese Tariffs and put it into building basic infrastructure around the country. This will help build our country up while the do-nothing Democrats will miss out on the credit that they could have received if they dealt with the right I instead of the left one.

FOOTNOTE- This blog piece will be going to the White House


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Don’t you wish you could be plugged in and come out 100% charged in the morning. A matter of fact I think most of us would accept a bit over 50% as the alarm rings.  Yet our phones take it for granted and that is just wrong! It’s time that they share their charge with us maybe they can  spare 10 % to our side.  A matter fact we probably all would be 100 % in the morning if we knew that we would be carried around as well. Cell Phones it’s time to give it up and share that charge for life with those who keep you running all day.


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I understand and respect that nobody wants to be treated like a piece of meat but at the same time is it to quiet when whistles have been clamped out?   For if G-D has given  you the looks wouldn’t you once in awhile want to see if others really notice?  Some remarks are completely tasteless but no remarks on the other hand can make one feel very lonesome.  It’s also true that I have never had the call but let’s face it this body is of the wrong sex to deserve any meows. Maybe one whistle  every once in a while wouldn’t hurt their or even my ego after all.

Not Funny

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2021 –  They slammed the doors on me for a joke that went too far. For the “PC Police” said my joke offended the ”       ” even as I saw them hiding with their own laughter. The new administration wants to make sure we all “get along” so she has created not just safe zones but safe cities and I guess I didn’t check the map.  It’s funny (not really) how some people are supposed to take a joke and others are to be protected from ones. It’s best to put me away because laughter can be dangerous medicine to a society that is so afraid to cross the line that it never lets you get close anymore. Know one is offended anymore at least not in the open for the jokes will continue only now behind bars.

China Loss

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China is a threat but as long as we breed freedom and a bit of rebellion we should continue to win! Of course we have to protect our basic infrastructure industries such as steel and chips (micro) against the cheap labor and dictatorial power of China but our basic structure will continue to win. For dictators build “group think” which causes creativity to shrivel and die while freedom allows reBellion which causes innovation and brilliance to shine brighter.  Therefore we need  to protect and build this wall to insure we can continue to break through no matter what China throws our way.

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