Lost Child

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They will never find their most precious gift yet I can’t tell them why? The men in black suits have made a vile trade that keeps the rest of us safe while sacrificing those who accidentally walk in this hideous territory. G-D knows I wish it could have been me instead but they need innocent blood to keep them from going further into our lands. It’s not a trade with the devil but it might as well be for even if their lands are millions of miles away they have taken our most precious cargo and transformed them to a hell where nobody will find any bodies left.



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Before the mind goes to a different place I want to share with you some of the special woman who have held a hold onto it. These were woman who stayed with me more then one time and continue to hold some sway into who I am today.

(1) THE FIRST- Her name was Karen and I was so young that when she broke up with me I had one of those crying spells where I felt I couldn’t breathe. I also remember having a cut over her eye.

(2) EXPERIENCE- She was a neighbor from the block with the same name and she taught me things that helped me learn some bases.

(3) NOT APPROVED- A loved one told me to break up with this brilliant woman and I was stupid enough to listen.

(4) THE FEEL- She appeared to be in my life a lifetime even though it was only a summer. Yet the feelings were strong or could it have been her facial hair.

(5) GUYANA PURSUIT- This woman was beautiful and led him down the aisle after she told me she was engaged to someone else.

(6) NEBRASKA LOVE- Another woman with the same first name as the one on the block but with an innocence that captured my eyes as she took a step to the midwest to the bright lights of NY.  I followed her back to the land of Corn only to see our relationship end as a thrown out husk.

(7) BACK TO BASICS- Learning basic Jewish principles led me to this beauty who I believe used me after her shot missed. It was a powerful relationship that ended as if it never began  at least on her part.

(8) MOVE THE WORLD- This woman didn’t actually fit what looked like my profile as she wore my leather then cotton. Yet what caused it to end was something held back from her past which I’m glad I didn’t pursue in that future. She also said she had Carry powers

(9) SHARED EXPERIENCE- It was a short lived relationship that I thought I might return to until my friend decided it was time for him.

FOOTNOTE- I’m happily married now and don’t regret what got me there.

Guilty – A True Story

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It all started when my boat was rising and then a sudden wave from the past hit hard.

  1. I had made some comments when I was barely a child that others had made but was judged as if nothing else was said by anyone, These were common words spoken at the time that today under the microscope would be political incorrect.
  2. I thought that would be the end as the hit knocked me out of my prominent position but then they went after some jokes I made as a professional comedian. Seriously these were jokes that occurred in the industry but some how mine were over the edge.
  3. When I was just about to regain my position some person without any where or when accussed of a disgusting act. Without any real evidence I was forced to pushed to leave this pursuit.
  4. .Now this got the attention of investigators who started asking me random questions in such a way that I made a mistake. When I went to correct this mistake they threatened me with a prejury charge and would go after my family as well if I didn’t remember something that didn’t exit.
  5.  As if I was a drug kingpin these “law enforcement agents”  raided my house in the middle of the night with a gun pointed to my little children.
  6.  Trusted words said in confidentiality with my personal lawyer were taped without my knowledge and used against me.
  7. . A friend of mine that I had known for a short time was put in isolation all because he wouldn’t sing a song that wasn’t true.
  8. .Transactions which occurred in my business life for years were now held onto a different light then anyone else would be judged.
  9. . Information given to the court to allow secret survelliance of  me was clearly false but still used against me as if I was a terrorist.
  10. I was told by the FBI officials that it wasn’t necessary to have a lawyer present because this was just a simple interview yet now those same words are being used against me in a prejury trap.

Why was the justice system going after me and letting others from another group get away with everything. This system knew what is was looking for and it was me at all costs with judgement determined.

FOOTNOTE- This is not a true story but true stories. I also can’t figure out why this format was corrupted can you?

One Person

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Today I wrote some brilliant pieces on this blog and only one got to see it.  The truth is she/he didn’t even see it all because only one piece was selected. Which to tell you the truth wasn’t as brilliant as the other pieces but who’s counting. Well I guess I am and today I want to thank that 1 person who decided to sit or stand alone to read it. Today your the star and get to have the whole bench for yourself. Tomorrow who knows we might just need a stadium instead.

FOOTNOTE- It’s actually 2 people I read the posts as well.

Washed Up

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I feel like I’ve been threw this cycle just yesterday and I’m just tired of being tossed around and around. It’s enough to make one not want to get out anymore and stayed glued in the back. Just when I get the confidence to spend a day in the sun the next moment I’m thrown back into this hole to go through it all over again. It’s enough to make wonder what is the point and decide to join the missing sock.

Coffee Aficionado

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While those who appreciate the fine taste of wine know that it must take it’s time those with the coffee bug don’t feel the same way. Wine is meant to be aged not just days but years but if you did that with coffee many would be disgusted even if it went with a glass of the vino stuff.  One day is all one is allowed to drink of the bean bran but I beg to differ as I taste the hauting aroma’s and accents of a bit of dust in my bean count.  So maybe I’ll start a trend or maybe someone will just throw my cup out all I know is I’m officially an aficionado at least in my head and in my cup.


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We have learned all the phrases (hello, how are you, really, I’m sorry) and even know when to use them but I’m afraid our identity is still being revealed. For although we’ve covered our looks in human skin our feelings can’t be hidden. These earthlings hold onto those emotions as they say such words and even can have them linger on further to the point of being stopped in progress. It’s a strange group that even with all our technology I’m not sure we could fully capture. We came to save this species but I believe they might be too fragile to hold onto and it just might be time to leave before we are discovered.

Bud Rebel Show – WHY

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Why is so important for me to focus on getting the Bud Rebel Show out there when there is so much content already existing?  Well here are a few reasons (below) that come to my conscious but I’m sure there is some deep undelining cause I’ll have to explore as well when the show G-D willing is running.

(1) BLOG- Without a show many of the good, bad, ugly, wierd concepts on this blog post will just float in space but with a show they will reach a larger audience and in some way make their life better or  at least more interesting.

(2) PRODUCTS- Bud Rebel Products actually exist (budrebelproducts.net) making many lives better or at least more interesting and hopeful this show can expand their reach.

(3)FUN- At least 40 % (depending on which poll you believe) has few options for shows that are a bit more “fun” because their views are tilted out of the mainstream of entertainment. We hope to produce a show for them which some in the open minded  mainstream can watch as we which we all laugh, sing, think and dance together too.

(4) WHY NOT- I know this isn’t probably the best reason but it seems like it would be loads of fun so really “why not”.



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When I was a bit younger (a whole bit more to be exact) I didn’t want to get the cooties where everyone treated you like a pariah as a mean type of game. Yet today people stay away from those that are “Oldies” and it really doesn’t have to deal with one’s age but their attitude.   They maybe twenty but when you speak to them you feel as if they belong in a senior citizens home. The funny thing is many in the actual senior citizen center are a lot younger then those with Oldies.   These are the individuals who constantly complain see the cup with only a few drops, never have plans for the future and appear in general waiting to die.  Oldies might come to us at some points in our life but let it be short lived or at least their  when the gate is waiting to be opened.

Too Long To Last?

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In a world where a moment is much shorter can we truly hold onto our traditional religious practices for the next generation? Just remember this  is a generation where they can  instantly find exactly what they want or think they do. Tradition is important because it gives us links to our past but unless we find a way to stimulate another generation it will be seen in a museum rather then an active Synagogue or Church. Please don’t get me wrong we should continue those traditions and try to pass on pieces to the next generation but let us also find a way  to be satisfied if they are nibbling on a slice rather then the whole pie. For at least they are eating something. Therefore leaders of faith(s) must look to the word of G-D and find nuggest that reach others in a way that they’ll keep reading even if it’s a less then a sentence at a time.

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