Jeff Epstein- I’m Alive

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The deal was made to fake my death in a trade only a billionaire with deep roots could make. For the FBI will be given a mountain of information that will bring down many top level individuals that couldn’t have occurred if they knew I was still breathing. The Information will not only include dates, photo’s but items that I’ve stored in secret locations as a backup so that I could insure that my hanging would not result in any real death..  My identity will be changed down to my fingerprints but if I mess up well let’s just say I’m already dead.

How to prevent mass shootings in America

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How to prevent mass shootings in America

Another mass shooting and the question must be asked, “Why? And how?” Why do individuals commit such heinous acts, and how can we prevent them from occurring in the future?

The most straightforward answer is to ban the tool(s) used in such a massacre, which happens to be a gun. But since guns have been around for nearly a century and only relatively recently used for such evil, I don’t believe this is an effective solution.

What has changed recently and just as significantly, what can be done to prevent this evil in the future? I believe there are solutions out there that would prevent the massacres that occurred in Dayton & El Paso. Here are a few of my ideas:

PHARMACEUTICALS. It appears that many of these shooters have been prescribed mental health medications that have been more harmful than helpful. Unfortunately, prescribers pay too little time and attention monitoring whether the individual prescribed the medication is taking it according to the plan, regularly and consistently, and whether it is effective or not. Professional counseling should also be a part of the treatment plan. Individuals prescribed such medicines should continue to see professional counseling help throughout the years to ensure they don’t become a threat to themselves or others.

SOCIAL MEDIA. Individuals who commit such evil acts sometimes leave signs on social media that they are predisposed to such evil. Social media sites should be monitored by professionals who are trained to see such signs and help individuals before they can become a real threat to themselves and society at large.

MEDIA. Mass shootings draw out the media like no other story, but unfortunately, they also draw out those who will do anything to become part of a story. We cannot stop the press from reporting such horrendous events, but we should work with them to stop naming and publicizing the shooter. Publicizing the shooter makes them folk heroes in some twisted circles, which can lead to more copycat shootings. Media should focus on the victims’ stories, not the shooter.

END GUN-FREE ZONES. Let it be posted in large print that all large areas where people might congregate could be guarded by individuals and/or armed drones who have the ability and will defend the innocent if necessary. Seconds matter in active shooter situation, and well-trained, responsible gun owner can save lives when they occur.

GUN SHOPS. Individuals who work and own such shops should be trained and educated on characteristics that fit a shooter’s profile and be required to alert authorities of such individuals that they might encounter.

WORK WITH THE NRA & SIMILAR GROUPS. These organization understand that unless this evil is stopped in society the rights of good citizens to protect their loved ones will be threatened as well by governmental over-reach. The NRA can play a bigger role in sponsoring more responsible gun ownership including helping other responsible owners spot individuals who might be a harm to themselves or others and notify the proper authorities should this occur.

What I’ve written above only scratches the surface of some ideas of actions that could help prevent mass shootings, but truthfully, additional soul searching needs to occur immediately to prevent this horror from continuing to happen in the future.

We can either come together to provide realistic solutions to mass shootings based on our culture and way of life or continue to watch innocent people die while we blame the other side. Let’s act to implement the items that really can make a change NOW. Let’s pull together and push our government and business leaders to take these realistic actions and do more.

Not Hurt But Hurt

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I wasn’t hurt until you told me I understand that I should be. Those “remarks” didn’t even pinch my skin until you twisted them into my soul. It didn’t appear to bother me at all until you through that mirror in my face.   I guess you were right it was cruel and mean but why don’t I feel better after you told me about “my pain”?  Maybe I should think more about my own feelings and own up to them or maybe… their yours instead? I don’t know all I know is I  now feel hurt and I’m even confused whether  I should thank you for this revelation.

Remarkably Rewarding

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I’m a hyper person that usually starts one task before they even see how the last task was completed but something changed this Sunday. For all of a sudden my actions were slowed down to a crawl as I helped my loved one do the basic stuff that we often take for granted. Whether is was walking a few tasks or just exhaling into a machine to gain strength I was able to make a difference in her life and it made a great difference in mine as well. Helping my loved one with these basic steps was remarkable rewarding.  It gave me a new prospective that even as I try to change the world making a difference in one’s world step by step or breath by breath might be a path I need to be on as well.

Jeffrey Epstein- From Behind

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They say one can not speak from the grave but I’ve escaped to tell you my story.  I’m not sure when the heat will come to pick me up so I better write fast.  I didn’t commit suicide as those who took my life would want you to believe but was taken their by those who wanted to kill this story by eliminating me. Individuals who had secrets they wanted to be left in the grave and knew if they could eliminate my lips this would occur.  These powerful people have their minions everywhere including many prisons. Their minions will take someone out for them if it will protect and provide for their loved one’s outside these  walls.  So now it’s time for to reveal who had me sent to this burning hot spot and help him get here quicker as well. His name is…….

FOOTNOTE- We’re sorry Mr Epstein has accidentally fallen down a deep well in hell.,, Oops.

Me or Him

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It was either going to be me or him as we stood inches apart.  For he crossed my red line and we knew that now one of us wouldn’t come out alive.  I tried to warn him to back away for I was in no mood for his invasion of my land.  If only he walked an opposite path or at a different location we could have parted as friends instead now one of us would be six feet under.   A shower is a sacred location when it’s running my way and Harry (the waterbug …I think) should have known crawling in my direction would be last steps in his life.

Tisha B’Av

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Tisha B’Av is a holiday painfully observed. For on this holiday one remembers the destruction of the Temple(s) that occurred on this date along with other tragedies to the Jewish people and the world (see link below). They say history repeats itself if we don’t learn the lessons of it Tisha B’Av makes sure we never forget them.

Cheated On

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Now I know how she feels. For you can tell me anything you want but your clothes smell a different story.  It hurts to know after all the fun times that I thought we had together that you would seek someone else to pet.  I always thought I would be your 4 legged best friend for life but now I wonder if I should be licking someone else instead.


FOOTNOTE- It’s been 5 minutes which is like a lifetime to me so let’s just go for a walk.

Your Cow

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I’m your cow in the way you can lead me. For I hired you to make sure that my pasture is always looks green and I will follow that path with trust. Yet a cow is not a chicken or duck even if you put it in a different costume so place don’t try to lead me down that path. I’m also not a sheep and therefore will not blindly go over a cliff. I trust you take these  points into account as you lead toward the place of milk and honey.

FOOTNOTE – Hey, I might be your cow but I’m a rebellious one with honey on my lips.

Breaking News

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President Bernie Sanders has just revealed that the mother ship plays a bigger role in his life and that he is truly an illegal alien after all.    When he said that he would reveal the truth about aliens should he become President many assumed it would be some special FBI files not that he was one and the kind. 

This of course came after President Sanders passed an Executive Order giving all Illegal Aliens the same exact rights of current citizens. The Supreme Court will be looking into whether that act  constitutes that of non-human species as well in their upcoming session. We all knew many of President Sanders ideas were out there but did we literally know they were out of this world?

FOOTNOTE– You’re vote counts for Aliens and people in the 2020 election even if this story is fictitious.

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