Stem Cell Questions

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This week a loved one is seeing a doctor to determine whether treatment with Stem Cells will help alleviate her chronic illness.  With that in mind I will be asking the following questions which in many ways can be asked of those that are seeking “experimental treatment” for any sickness.

(1) COVERED BY INSURANCE– If it is covered by insurance then these companies believe it will help reduce their costs of a chronic illness by helping to reduce it’s harmful effects.

(2) POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS-  What are the possible side effects that can occur and how can we try to avert them or lessen their impact should we decide to go ahead with this procedure?

(3) CONSISTENCY- Has the procedure consistently shown improvement with individuals that have this chronic illness? If so can you provide us with such stats?

(4) RESULT TIME- When can we expect such results to occur and could it happen so fast that it could actually be harmful based on what is occurring today?

(5) PAIN–  How painful should we expect the procedure to be and what can we do to avert this pain without undue medicine?

(6) TIME- How long can we expect the results to continue and what kind of follow up would be needed?

(7) LONG TERM- What is the history of this procedure?

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