Easter Passover – Easter/Passover

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There are threads (below) that bring these two holidays together and one’s (below) which come from a whole different cloth. Yet in the end whichever holiday you celebrate may it be a peaceful, happy time for you and your loved ones.


  1. ONE- Both holidays have one central character who leads the faiths to a higher calling.
  2. TOMORROW- The holidays are truly about redemption even all human ways have failed.
  3. FAMILY- They both call on families to come together and celebrate today while remember the past.
  4. FOOD- Special foods are eaten and hopefully enjoyed during these holidays.


  1. PASSIVE/ACTION-Passover celebrates the action one must take to foster the faith while Easter is one of internally commitment.
  2. GROUP/INDIVIDUAL- Easter occurs because of Jesus life and times while Passover required the whole group at the time to participate in.
  3. TIME- Passover is 8 days (7 days in Israel) while Easter is only one.
  4.  FOOD- Trust me the food and the effects afterwards are quite different.


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