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Over the last 5 years or so I’ve written probably over a 1000 blog post from political solution, religion, personal stories, entrepreneurial visions,  movie concepts and just plain bizZare thoughts that capture one’s mind at such moments. They have been unfiltered from a man who has experienced the good, bad, ugly and unique aspects of life as I dove into areas where I should be and other I ran away with barely my life. As a business man, film-maker, Conservative, dreamer, Innovator I’ve seen and touched areas that were far from others eye’s and seen things in a whole different light. It is my goal to share those ideas with a larger audience so that these ideas, thoughts and concepts can make this world a bit better every episode.

We will present this to a wider audience with many laughs, a few tears and thoughtful conversations in a late night format that tilts to the right but brings everyone in. I’m looking for an individual who shares this vision so that this show will reach a strong  loyal audience for as long as possible and become self sustaining on it’s own. Here (below) are a few of the tasks this talent individual will be assigned.

(1) KICKSTARTER INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN-  This is not only to produce revenue to help offset costs of production but build a loyal audience as not only viewers but associate producers who play a role on said production from various levels.

(2) BRANDING- The Bud Rebel name already has products in the marketplace ( why not expand distribution channels as well as take in new products under this name.  We also can develop new website(s) that are based on the Bud Rebel concepts.

(3) BUDREBELSHOW.COM- Today the website is just a name but with your talent it can be so much more.

(4) APPEARANCES-  The stories I’ve written about can be broadcast or told in other formats/audiences that can help build the name as well.

(5) SOCIAL MEDIA– The limits are only created by those in charge of said operation.

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