King & Peasant

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King & Peasant 2

I walk in two different paths although I pursue the same route.  One as a Kohen a person who’s family routes go back to the greatest dynasty the world has ever seen because it’s not based on crushing others but uplifting the world with sacrifice. The other as the boy who continued to play “left out” as his self worth felt as if it needed a shoe.  These paths continue today as there are times when I feel as if the world is my Oyster and other times when everyone is eating at my shell. Sometimes I walk ahead and other times I stop not knowing where I can go.   Times when I feel I have this incredible image I must keep shining and others where I’m just trying to humbly climb back up the ladder.  Yes, my shoes may not match but the route is clear no matter where I go I seek a higher authority to get there.

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