Trump Insane hurts those that suffer

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President Trump 101

Individual in the media who purpose that the President is insane only hurt those that are truly suffering  from mental health issues. People who are mentally ill have difficulty achieving basic human desires/goals as an illness in their head blocks the door they need to open. They are treated by mental health professionals so they can understand this illness and properly treat it so that can reach the goals that they desire.  It’s obvious that those that who are attacking the President understand that this is not a difficult that he is coping with and are just using these “talking points” for political ends. They are  creating a “fake news” story that only confuse the issue of  mental health for those who might need it the most and therefore prevent them from getting the treatment that could truly help them and their loved ones.  Let us therefore put politics aside when it comes to issues of health so that we can make sure those that are not well have the mechanism and courage to seek the treatment they need.

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