Rejection Benefits

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There can be almost no more painful feeling at the time then being rejected so who the hell am I to talk about benefits?  It can…. but should it?  While the pain of rejection is occurring here (below) are some long term benefits which you can accept or reject on your own.

YOU TRIED- Maybe you could have put a different foot forward but at least you moved in that direction and that is better then many others. What if’s might be in technique but at least not in trying.

STRIKE NOT OUT-   You can either move ahead to a “different sport” or attempt a new swing at this one.

SKILL-  Hopefully you will learn from your rejection and be better prepared for the next time you come to the plate, which you wouldn’t have the better skills for if you stayed in the bleachers.

EMPATHY-  Winning doesn’t help build empathy for those who have lost in their life and might actually make you a more compassionate rounded person.


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