Would You!!

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Would you even consider asking to extend your contract if you failed the following.

(1) Lost income to the majority of those you were in charge of?

(2) Implemented policies that created unsafe work conditions for those in your borders ?

(3) Divided the work force between those who supported you and those who disagreed with your policies?

(4) Put people in responsible positions not based on their merit but what category these individuals happened to be in?

(5) Implemented policies that hurt the basic supply chain to keep things going?

(6) Created policies that made your organization more dependent on the will of others rather than independent?

(7) Destroyed alliances that were solid with previous administrations?

(8)  Spoke with a tongue that appeared often to be in a grinder.

(9) Overall put the long term future of your organization in a precarious dangerous position.

Now tell me why you’re voting for Joe Biden in 2024?

1968/2024 History Repeat??

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There appears to be  some strange coincidences with 1968 President Election and the one we appear to be going through in 2024. Here’s a pattern (below) that could just be emerging.

(1) Unpopular War- Vietnam was then and it appears that Ukraine is falling into that category today. Furthermore there is more American direct involvement in this war as there was in Vietnam and we aren’t doing as well as the government wants/ed us to believe.

(2) Kennedy In both races-  What is more odd is they’re both a Robert(s). Let’s make sure this Kennedy is well protected

(3)  Unpopular President-  Lyndon B Johnson was actually probably more popular than the incumbent President

(4)  Strong 3rd Party-  The No Labels Party is working to put a strong 3rd Party in the race and the Senator from West Virginia appears to be heading that ticket.

(5) Republican Populist/Fighter-  Both Nixon and Trump are strong populist who fight the “establishment”.

(6)  Chicago Democratic Convention –  Even the city is included in the list.

(7). Social Unrest/Economic Downturn- The lame street can’t even hide these facts.


Trump 2024 !?

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Last night Former President Trump announced his run to regain office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and if he keeps to that script the odds appear in his favor.  His focus of the speech was on the issues and not on himself.  It hit on all the accomplishments that occurred in his administration compared to the failures that occur today.  Yet what was key was that the speech was about a movement, not a man.  The question then is how this race will develop and whether President Trump can keep the focus on the bigger picture of the nation rather  then the person in the mirror.

The Trap

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Go ahead grab the king … for now. As we know that things will turn dark in the coming year and will have a brand new game in two years totally stacked in our favor. We will end up with more pieces than you can imagine as the victor will be blamed for what is on the table even though we completed started it in the first place. They will not remember what has occurred today only who is in charge as the next game begins. So chess mate today but be warned this is just the battle we wanted you to win.

FOOTNOTE- Be weary of those who might be letting you win after all.

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